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Some of us have always known our Source

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And some of us journeyed for a long time to find our way

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Then there are some of us who want to know more serve others go beyond with what we’ve learned

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There’s so much to learn, So much we didn’t know might be part of the journey

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The time has come for a new kind of learning Time for Cherry Hill Seminary

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Not a building or campus, Cherry Hill Seminary is online distance education, plus periodic conferences, workshops, and, for master’s students, annual “academic intensives”

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This means you can study without leaving home, whether you pursue a personal course of study, or work towards one of our certificates or a master’s degree

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To our knowledge, Cherry Hill Seminary offers the first Pagan Master of Divinity degree in the world

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Our students come from all over the United States and beyond. Because of our distance-learning mode, most qualified individuals with internet access and a command of the English language can receive a quality higher education not available anywhere else.

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Many of our students are already accomplished professionals ready to deepen their Pagan practice. They desire both the theory and practical skills to make them more effective in their communities.

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Many of you find yourselves filling a local leadership role for which you feel unprepared. Or maybe you just like to take a class now and then because you love to learn. Cherry Hill Seminary is there for everyone with a sincere desire to grow.

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Our directors, faculty and staff are some of the best in their field, including individuals with extensive practical and career experience, in addition to their own Pagan spiritual journeys. They live in every part of the U.S., and other countries, too.

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CHS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; our business office is located in Columbia, South Carolina. Our staff reside in many locations, collaborating online and by phone.

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Neo-Paganism is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world

Slide 20: 

Although there are resources available for training in specific Pagan traditions, many experienced practitioners are now ready to begin serving outside their local groups and want additional preparation.

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For this we need competent and recognizable scholars, leaders, teachers, chaplains and clergy who have been educated at the graduate level – in a Pagan learning environment, by Pagans, and for Pagans.

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As a religious program, CHS is exempt from state regulation. We are committed, however, to meeting state requirements voluntarily, to demonstrate the standard of excellence our students deserve.

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Our goal is to become an accredited graduate program. In the United States educational accreditation is a peer review process coordinated by accreditation commissions. The process takes several years to prepare for and complete.

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As there is currently no accrediting religious organization for Pagan schools, we plan to apply for accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)

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At CHS you may learn about – Ancient philosophy Ethics and boundaries Ritual history, theory and practice Pagan religions throughout time and around the world Religion, the law and advocacy Building, nurturing and maintaining community Rites of passage Chaplaincy and ministry within institutions Pastoral counseling Children, youth and religion Ministry related to dying and death Ecopsychology and green spirituality Nonprofit management Effective communications for Pagan organizations The science of magick

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Is it time for you to be in this picture?

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Cherry Hill Seminary is as close as your computer:

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Click on “For Students” at the web site and read all about our programs and how to apply

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Cherry Hill Seminary is ready for you Are you ready to take your next step?

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Make your journey with others like yourself

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