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INDUSTRIAL-MAN is genuinely your one-stop Vacuum Casting Prototype Manufacturer in China. We also offers contract-producing services, for example, precision parts CNC machining.


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Welcome To Industrial-man Technology Development Co.,Ltd:

Welcome To Industrial-man Technology Development Co.,Ltd PRECISION PARTS CNC MACHINING AND VACUUM CASTING PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURER Endeavoring to achieve the target of giving precision machining parts, INDUSTRIAL-MAN today isn't just one of the leading manufacturers yet additionally a globally recognized industry. At INDUSTRIAL-MAN, we take pride in making exceptional progress to convey our customers with the top-notch quality items and restrictive assistance level. Propelled by the praiseworthy reaction on our current item portfolio, quality and administration, we configuration, create and make an extra exhaustive scope of items, encouraging us to offer a selective, customized administration for our clients over and over.

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INDUSTRIAL-MAN also offers contract-producing services, for example, precision parts CNC machining. Our advertising and design team is constantly qualified and unending slanted to provide food custom bundling plans and thoughts. In this manner, we assist you with getting a charge out of the advantages of purchasing the predominant quality items, upheld by the predictable and exact benchmarks while promoted in your own marking.

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The Vacuum Casting process is normally used to create little quantities of profoundly exact polyurethane model parts. Vacuum Casting is perfect when profoundly exact, utilitarian plastic model parts in fine detail are required. The procedure can duplicate examples, measurements, profiles and surfaces, and in that capacity is broadly utilized for produce parts for: • Testing the functions, for example, warm and wind current testing • Assembly line preliminaries • Purpose of marketing for example introductions and public expos.

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We are all well experienced to create and supply modified items; nevertheless we invite every one of your proposals and significant direction to additionally improve the nature of our items and administrations.

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