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Evolving the Learning and Research Experience in Human Computer Interaction: 

Evolving the Learning and Research Experience in Human Computer Interaction Daniel Woo University of New South Wales


Goal Raise the profile of human computer interaction in both teaching and research

Goal - Student Learning: 

Goal - Student Learning Prepare students for user-centred design in software development projects Consider the needs of users and stakeholders Hands on experience Small group teaching Paper designs first

Goal - Research: 

Goal - Research Develop new techniques to better understand what people actually do Feed information back to all aspects of the design process Novel interaction methods


Teaching Laboratory Research Laboratory

Communicate the vision: 

Communicate the vision In your department Mac-oriented Support Staff Building Facilities Architects Purchasing / Stores Apple Education Representative Apple Supplier

Predicting the Future: 

Predicting the Future Prior experience WWDC Crystal ball Aware of local conditions

July 2000: 

July 2000 3 hour lecture only No tutorials No laboratories No postgraduate students No teaching assistants No honours projects No Macs for CompSci Students

Mac OS X Proposition - Jul 2000: 

Mac OS X Proposition - Jul 2000 Macintosh user interface well known for its “user friendliness” and design Role in education UNIX - terminal window/X Windows Create a practical learning space

Augmenting Learning: 

Augmenting Learning 20+1 G4 PowerMacs with 17” Class room style layout


Considerations Group discussion vs. class room Students can hide behind 17” monitors Noise from fans Remote Desktop can be used for locking, sleeping and screen sharing

Tutor-Student Ratio: 

Tutor-Student Ratio 300-400 students 20 students maximum Fortnightly laboratories spread the load over 2 weeks Each student - 6 x 2 hour classes 5 x 2 hour (tutorial + lab) 1 x 2 hour - assignment presentations

Laboratory Topics: 

Laboratory Topics Mac OS 9 Evaluation Mac OS X Evaluation Heuristic Evaluation Observation

Laboratory Topics: 

Laboratory Topics Computer Supported Collaborative Work Universal Access Interface Builder

Computer Supported Cooperative Work: 

Computer Supported Cooperative Work Carracho iChat / Rendezvous Hydra

Universal Access: 

Universal Access

Interface Builder: 

Interface Builder

Paper based Approach: 

Paper based Approach Design diaries for Computer Science students

Laboratory Management: 

Laboratory Management Rode the wave of releases of Mac OS X Server Integration with our existing (custom) UNIX management system non-trivial prior to 10.2 Started with stand alone machines


Tools Workgroup Manager Apple Remote Desktop/ANA Netboot Experiments with 10.2 Imaging Apple Software Restore FireWire Hard disk

UDB Integration - June 2003: 

UDB Integration - June 2003 Same username/password for all machines (UNIX, Windows, Mac) Home directories mounted/backed up Disk imaging (conform) Group, IP, Print quota management Eventually, booking system Independent of Workgroup Mgr


Present 3 hour lecture only Tutorials - Yes Laboratories - Yes Postgraduate students - Yes - 2 Teaching assistants - Yes - ~4/year Thesis/4th year projects - Yes Teaching Laboratory Login Integration

Other Uses: 

Other Uses Office staff training AUC Other UNSW Staff Training Thesis students Primary School iMovie Workshops XCode

HCI Research Laboratory: 

HCI Research Laboratory


Data What did they do/think/say… When did they click/error/… Where did they click/press/… Why did they make error/choose… How did they complete the task… Who interacted with who…


Infrastructure Multi-camera Scan converter Video and audio editing Video matrix control DV recording equipment

Usability Data Collection: 

Usability Data Collection Investigating automated ways to collect usability data - COAR Synchronisation with other video material via QuickTime Analysis and reporting


Applications Interviews/focus groups Speech dictation Speech preferences TTS Discover X UserScan chemistry software School Web Site Novel user interfaces

Mac OS X: 

Mac OS X iMovie, Final Cut Pro iDVD, DVD Pro Cubase Custom software development Matrix Usability Observer COAR suite

Other Uses: 

Other Uses Audio applications Subjective testing Video material development DVD production

It about the people…: 

It about the people… Teaching Staff Postgraduate students Students who understand the needs of users Students who can develop software systems for people


Conclusion Raised profile, student numbers, awareness Created two facilities based on Mac OS X Tool development phase Need to train more students in user centred software development aspects



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