Difference between Laser Marking, Cutting & Engraving

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HeatSign engraving & marking machines have large acceptance & status. The machines series include of marking, cutting & engraving machines with superior technology and advance techniques, for engraving marks on different products and materials of a variety of sizes & shapes.


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Difference between Laser Marking Cutting Engraving When you hear the question about what is the difference between laser marking engraving and cutting you may think what a dumb thing to ask But when you think deeply people often tend to get confused between these 3 terms. If someone does not know the difference between these 3 they will not know what machine is the one they are looking for. So it is crucial for the buyer as well as the seller to know how they differ from each other. Laser Engraving Laser engraving simply means that the substance used is removed and vaporized during the process for creating the mark. For example CO2 laser engraving for plastic signage. What usually happens in laser engraving is that with the help of the laser the surface of the object or metal is broken. This is done in order allow oxidation or rusting to occur. Laser Marking In laser marking the surface of the metal is not destroyed. It in fact remains intact. Laser marking is also called annealing. This type of marking is used in surgical instruments and many jewelry items. What actually happens here is that the heat ejected from the laser redistributes the carbon in the material that in turn creates a jet black mark on the surface with only a minor disruption on the material. If this procedure is followed carefully no rusting or oxidation takes

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place. So before you go out to look out for laser marking machine make sure you know the difference. Laser Cutting Laser cutting is often confused with laser engraving. However there is a huge difference between the two. In laser cutting a huge chunk of material is cut off directly. For this process the CO2 lasers are used mainly because they interact directly with the material instead of causing pigmentation within the material. So the next time you are out shopping for laser make sure you know the difference between these three terminologies as it strengthen your relationship with the vendor as you will end up explaining your needs and requirements better. For more details visit our website: http://www.heatsign.com/

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