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TrimBody M.D. 10300 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 489-3300 http://trimbodymd.com/ TrimBody M.D. is the leader in Las Vegas weight loss and anti-aging. Our comprehensive weight loss programs help you lose ALL the weight safely and quickly. At TrimBody M.D. we are able to sculpt the body you always wanted without spending hours upon hours in the gym. We provide all the necessary tools to ensure your success.


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Important Factors to Consider during the Selection of Weight Loss Centers in Las Vegas The deceptive weight-loss centers are mushrooming up around the Las Vegas with false hopes and colorful promises. In this scenario it is hard to separate the reliable weight loss centers in Las Vegas from the unreliable ones. You will not only lose your riches due to the unreliable weight-loss program. You may even experience health problems due to the advice of an untrained or unqualified individual. It is impossible for any professional to shed 10 pounds of weight within 10 days’ time using a reliable weight management program. The fake promises sound too good to be true. Hence it is prudent to avoid the centers making colorful promises. You need to check several other crucial factors during the selection of a weight-loss center in order to avoid risky programs and to save your expenses. Detailed Research It is essential for you to perform a detailed research regarding the methodologies of the weight loss centers in Las Vegas before making any final selection. A thorough research will help you determine the probability of a positive outcome and will erase all the doubts regarding the program. The first thing you need to enquire about during your research is the type of diet included within the program. A sudden change in diet may make you feel listless and peevish and this result is not acceptable for anyone. Hence it is essential to learn about the side effects of the dietary plans available in weight-loss centers of your choice. All the reliable weight loss centers in Las Vegas support the inclusion of some type of physical activity within the weight-loss and management program. The experts believe that exercising accelerates the degree of weight loss and helps an individual stay active. Hence it is prudent to select a weight- management center that favors the effectiveness of regular exercising. Trained Staff There is a possibility for you to receive physical injuries under the guidance of untrained instructors. You may even become ill after the application of an untested supplement or due to an improper diet. Hence it is essential to learn about the training and education of the staff members associated with weight loss centers in Las Vegas before making any final selection. The medical weight-loss programs are regarded as the safest weight-management programs around the world. The presence of a certified health professional or doctor is essential in these facilities. These programs also need to include specialists of nutrition physical activity and behavioral changes. The presence of these specialists in a weight- management center attests to the credibility of a program and guarantees a positive outcome. Additional Considerable Factors It is essential to learn about the length of a weight-loss program during the selection of weight loss centers in Las Vegas. A specific timing will present you with a goal and keep you motivated. You also need to learn about the inclusion of food supplements/medicine within the program because these substances may/may not have adverse side-effects on your health.

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Important Factors Associated with the HCG Diet in Las Vegas The placenta inside the uterus produces human chorionic gonadotropin hormone after implantation. This HCG hormone is being used in the treatment of obesity since the year 1950. Many doctors acknowledge the effectiveness of HCG Diet in Las Vegas and include it into their weight management program. The HCG is not included within the diet plan it is administered in conjunction with the diet plan. The HCG hormone is available in forms of allopathic pills drops or injections and only a doctor has the authority to collect this hormone. Hence the supervision of a certified physician is essential for the application of HCG hormone. Strict Calorie Count The HCG Diet in Las Vegas is suitable for the obese individuals incapable of losing their weight with the help of other means. It restricts the daily consumption of calorie to 500 kilocalories. Hence this weight- loss program is also suitable for the individuals willing to quickly6 lose their weight. If you want to lose your weight steadily with the help of a balanced diet then the strict limitations of HCG weight-loss program is not unsuitable for you. The HCG Diet in Las Vegas forbids you from consuming salmon tuna eelherring dried fishes and pickled fishes. You are allowed to consume the grilled or broiled meat fowl fish and seafood without the consumption of visible fat. You are not allowed to eat more than one bread/breadstick/one cup of rice. This diet-plan allows you to include a handful of fruits and lots of carbohydrate-free vegetables in your diet. The consumption of coffee or tea is allowed in this dietary plan although you are forbidden from adding any sugar to your drink. The consumption of milk butter and oil is strictly prohibited on this dietary plan. The HCG weight-loss program is the most effective weight-loss program if followed properly. HCG Application The HCG Diet in Las Vegas also requires the application of HCG hormone alongside the strict diet plan. A certified medical professional will determine the dose of HCG hormone and the method of its application. The doctor may even ask you regarding your preferred method of application. The HCG injections are more effective than the pills/drops and the doctor will subcutaneously administer these shots. Some patients have aversion towards injections due to the painful administration and the sublingual drops will be suitable for these patients. You need to place these drops 2-3 times under your tongue for effective results. The injections are stronger than the sublingual drops and they require weekly application. Exercising Activity The HCG Diet in Las Vegas already limits your calorie consumption to 500 kilocalories per day. The administration of HCG hormone alongside this dietary plan accelerates the loss of fat cells. Hence you may not need exercising activities to lose weight. However it is prudent to include some exercise into the weight-loss program in order to have a toned and fit body.

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Select Weight Loss Plans in Las Vegas Based on Your Necessities and Limitations It is not easy choosing an ideal weight-loss plan from a multitude of weight loss plans in Las Vegas. You need to consider several vital factors before making a final selection. An ideal weight-loss program is not only crucial for management of weight but it is also essential for your wellbeing. It is unwise to follow others footsteps during the selection of a weight-loss program as everybody has unique physical constitution and physical conditions. Hence it is prudent to seek an expert’s advice before making any definitive decision. Physical Evaluation The guidance of a certified physician or healthcare professional is essential for medically developed weight loss plans in Las Vegas. It is the safest weight-management program due to this reason. The doctor’s supervision is equally essential in other weight-reduction programs because it significantly influences your health. The cardio exercises or aerobics is dangerous for individuals with heart diseases. The water sports are unsafe for people with lungs disorders. The yoga meditation tai-chi and low intensity exercises are ideal for people suffering from these ailing conditions. Hence it is essential to discuss with the physician the effectiveness of a particular weight-loss program before making any final selection. Realistic Diet Planning You also need to consult with your physician during the selection of an ideal weight loss diet in Las Vegas. The selection of the food or meal has significant influence on physical conditions. The high- protein diet may seem suitable to your friend or a family member of yours. However you may not be an ideal candidate for this diet. This diet is unsuitable for people suffering from kidney problems or for people with higher level of uric acid in their blood. You also need to be careful about the type of foods included within your diet. The inclusion/exclusion of certain foods may exacerbate the symptoms of GI disorders cardiac problems or hyperglycemia. Hence it is wise to seek the doctor’s advice before selecting any dietary plan. Supervised Meal Plan The physician-supervised meal-plans are ideal for individuals suffering from a variety of physical conditions. This type of weight loss diet in Las Vegas is available through the medical weight-loss programs. The medical or healthcare professionals design the meal-plans depending upon individual necessities. This type of meal-planning not only helps you lose weight. It also ensures that you receive adequate amount of vitamins minerals and antioxidants through your food. A reliable medical weight- loss program also delivers freshly cooked meals and prevents you from eating unhealthy packaged foods filled with calories. Maintainable Program It is realistic to choose manageable weight loss plans in Las Vegas as it is not enough to lose your weight. You need to maintain the weight within normal limits and prevent it from increasing. Hence it is essential to select a dietary plan or an exercise regime that is manageable for years. This type of program will help you stay in shape fit and active for long time.

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