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Shopify or WooCommerce – which one can help you make more money as an online store? Read on for a detailed case study on which option is better and when!


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Shopify or WooCommerce? :

Shopify or WooCommerce?

Which Ecommerce Platform to choose:

Which Ecommerce Platform to choose While everybody who is interested in opening an online store has several platforms to choose from, the age old Shopify and WooCommerce battle can be confusing. Your choice of a platform for an ecommerce will depend on lots of factors though, particularly handiness and the scope of customization

Factors to consider while choosing eCommerce Platform:

Factors to consider while choosing eCommerce Platform Profit-Making Speed Customization Content Marketing and Blogging

Profit Making:

Profit Making This is without doubt the biggest priority of every website owner operating as an online store. And this is exactly where WooCommerce takes the driver’s seat. That means once you have your WordPress website ready, you can start doing business for free. Regardless of how small or big trades you make, it’s all for absolutely free. Shopify, on the other hand, can be a little extra costly for your small online store. There’s a monthly fee and besides, they’ll charge you a fixed percentage of commission for each item that you sell.

Speed :

Speed Shopify is a matchless ecommerce platform! Your business website will operate as fast as possible in your type of industry. And since your response time is the best, you can always expect to rank high on search engines and have completely satisfied customers. If you want your WooCommerce website to work with equal efficiency, you’ll have to employ expensive hosting to have it coded well. Still, Shopify is always better when it comes to speed.

Customization :

Customization Although Shopify is sleek and clean, and a highly popular ecommerce platform, you need to make changes or switch over to something better once you have your store up and running. Moreover, you badly want to modify the layout and improve on overall functionality of your website. WooCommerce comes in to help. It is by far the simplest ecommerce platform that you can customize to your content. Another obvious plus point is the availability of more developers for WooCommerce than Shopify.

Content Marketing and Blogging :

Content Marketing and Blogging This goes without saying that WordPress is a leading Content Management System used by countless web users for a variety of purposes. Blogging and content marketing are a common example. Here, WordPress is again the best!

Final Words:

Final Words Any arguments on which out of Shopify and WooCommerce is the best are useless, until you know what you want from them as an online store owner. Both are unique and equally helpful in different situations!

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