5 Tips to Lose Weight from Weight Loss Instructor Orlando

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5 tips to lose weight from weight loss instructor and health coach Harry Gordon, Orlando.


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5 Tips to Lose Weight 5 tips to lose weight from weight loss instructor and health coach Harry Gordon Orlando.

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About Harry Gordon Harry Gordon is Orlando FL based Health and Fitness expert and adventure enthusiast with over 10 year’s experience as a Weight Loss Coach. Gordon started his journey weighing in at 319 pounds. For his whole adult life he was extremely overweight and continues to get healthier each and every day His journey showed his how much not only exercise but eating right plays a roll in a total transformation process. This led Him to wanting to help others with their goals no matter how small or how big. He guides his tribe to discover how to create health in their lives. Harry gives his 100 to any person that is willing to change their lives for the better. He believes that a lifestyle a practice and the never-ending path to true self-discovery. He shows his community a safe effective and non-intrusive option for weight loss and long- term health. As your Health Coach Harry offers a free resource that will guide his potential clients through the program and provide on-going personal coaching. He helps them build up the knowledge skills and support they need to realize health and help keep them focused on their long-term goals and dreams. Throughout the process he serves as a mentor educator coach and friend. Contact: Harry Gordon Health Coach HarryGordonInc.com harryharrygordoninc.com 321-800-8382

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