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Training & Development : 

Training & Development

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The Heart of a continuous effort designed to improve employee competency and organizational performance

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Training Teaching operational and technical skills to do the job for which an individual is hired

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Development Teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for the present and future jobs

Training Process : 

Training Process Organizational objectives Assessment of Training needs Select T&D methods Evaluate T&D Results Implement T&D programs

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Purpose of Training : 

Purpose of Training To increase productivity and quality To promote versatility and adaptability to new methods To reduce the number of accidents To reduce labour turnover To increase job satisfaction resulting in less absenteeism To increase efficiency To improves the morale of the workforce To improves the relationship between boss and subordinate. To helps create a better corporate image. Reduces Constant Supervision.

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When does the need for training arise? : 

When does the need for training arise? The installation of new equipment or techniques A change in working methods or products produced A realization that performance is inadequate Labour shortage, necessitating the upgrading of some employees A desire to reduce the amount of scrap and to improve quality An increase in the number of accidents Promotion or transfer of individual employees. Ensures availability of necessary skills and there could be a pool of talent from which to promote from.

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Areas Of Training

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Technical Skills

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Social Skills

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Issues in Employee Training Communications Computer skills Customer service Diversity Ethics Human relations Quality initiatives Safety

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Learn how your employees Learn the Best 1. Auditory learners : The ones who talk and listen 2. Visual learners : The ones who watch and see 3. Kinesthetic learners : The ones who move and touch When Their Involved Training is relevant Environment Good Trainers Feedback Rewarded

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