5 Ways to Indulge in Stunning Portrait Photography in Melbourne

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Go creative, forget the rules, try another perspective and see how your portrait turns out to be! Find out these amazing 5 ways that will convince you to go out of the box with portrait photography. Visit https://www.hamishblair.com.au/portrait-photography-melbourne/


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5 Ways to Indulge in Stunning Portrait Photography in Melbourne

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If you are not equipped with the details that photography involves you may think that portrait photography is just another type of photography and has to be a cakewalk for anyone who wishes to click. But this is not true. Following the set rules and adding a little randomness is what is required to achieve the stunning result in terms of a portrait. A professional Portrait Photographer in Melbourne will definitely be catching the crux here

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So if you have been thinking that being monotonous with the standards set in portrait photography try these amazing ways and give a new style to your portrait photography. 1 Alter Your Perspective - Why always follow the routine of taking the portraits with the camera at the eye level of the subject Try completely changing the angle that you shoot. It will give you a real wow factor.

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2 Play with Eye Contact - Your subject eyes can impact an image greatly. Generally the photographers in Melbourne tend to have the subject looking down the lens but how about trying looking off the camera or looking within the frame Try it out Break the Rules of Composition - Following the rules is good but breaking them is even better as it helps you to some really eye-catching results. Placing your subject creatively right on the edge of the shot can sometimes create really interesting images. 3

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4 Experiment with the Lighting - This is another way of randomness that has almost unlimited possibilities to explore when it comes to using lights in portraits. The Portrait Photographers in Melbourne Try Shooting Candid - Sometimes switching to candid portraits is more beautiful than a posed one. You get that natural look expressions and ultimately a WOW factor in the portrait. 5

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Are you in search of such Photographers in Melbourne who can try something different something out of the box Hamish Blair has to be your ultimate choice. He is known to be one of the best portrait photographers in Melbourne who understands the nuances of portrait photography. If you want to find more details about him or intend to communicate your requirements for your photoshoot contact the team directly at 0468 464 700. You can even explore his exquisite portfolio on website

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hamishhamishblair.com.au https://www.hamishblair.com.au

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