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Financing of Education: 

Financing of Education Maldives

General Facts: 

General Facts

Education in Maldives: 

Education in Maldives Formal Education Primary Middle School Lower Secondary Higher Secondary Non-Formal Education ECCD/ECCE Adult andamp; Continuing Education Post-Secondary Education

…Education in Maldives: 

…Education in Maldives

Cost of Education: 

Cost of Education High Unit Cost Due to: Dispersed population Small size of schools Low Student Teacher Ratio Dependence on expat. teachers


Maldives EFA Goals: 

Maldives EFA Goals Expand andamp; Improve ECCD Maintain Universal Access to Basic Education Maintain Gender Parity in Enrolment Expand Access to Secondary Education Equitable Access to Basic andamp; Continuing Education Equitable Resource Allocation

Financing of Education: 

Financing of Education Government Budget Student enrolment (unit cost) Historical financial performance External Assistance IDA, IDB, ADB, JGA, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, Brit.Council

Government Spending on Education: 

Government Spending on Education

Need for External Assistance: 

Need for External Assistance Education consumes the largest share of government spending i.e. 15~17% of govt. budget Government spending on education as a % of overall spending is unlikely to raise

Areas Where External Assistance is Most Needed: 

Areas Where External Assistance is Most Needed Training Primary and Secondary Teachers Providing Essential Resources to Less Served Schools Expanding Access to Secondary Education

Training Teachers: 

Training Teachers

Providing Resources to Less Served Schools: 

Providing Resources to Less Served Schools Provide a minimum set of teaching/learning resources to each school Achieve equitable allocation of resources

Expanding Access (Secondary Education): 

Expanding Access (Secondary Education)

…Expanding Access: 

…Expanding Access School Age Population

Financing Gap: 

Financing Gap

…Financing Gap: 

…Financing Gap

…Training Teachers: 

…Training Teachers

Providing Resources: 

Providing Resources

…Expanding Access to Secondary Education: 

…Expanding Access to Secondary Education

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