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Jesus…Portraits andamp; Images a WebQuest

Jesus’ Passport: 

Jesus’ Passport Name: Yehoshua Place of birth: Bethlehem Date of birth: 6BC (approximately) Religion: Jew Place of work: Nazareth Mother: Mary of Nazareth Appearance: Dark complexion (brown eyes, black hair)

Jesus – a summary (Marcus Borg): 

Jesus – a summary (Marcus Borg) Jesus was a Jewish peasant, which tells us about his social class. Jesus was a wisdom teacher. His use of language was remarkable and poetic, filled with images and stories. Jesus was a social prophet like Gandhi or Martin Luther King. He challenged the dominate system of his day.

Jesus – a summary (cont.): 

Jesus – a summary (cont.) Jesus was a healer He was a Jewish mystic. He had a spiritual presence around him, like that reported of St. Francis or the Dalai Lama.

Jesus – a summary (cont.): 

Jesus – a summary (cont.) Some people would say that he was insane, as his family did, or that he was simply eccentric, or that he was a dangerous threat, or you could conclude that he was filled with the Spirit of God History andamp; Timeline of Jesus


Introduction There are two different portraits of Jesus… There is the: Pre-Easter Jesus - the historical figure, the Jesus of Nazareth, a figure of the past, and the, Post-Easter Jesus - the Jesus of the New Testament. What Jesus became after his death, the Jesus of Christian experience and tradition.

Introduction continued: 

Introduction continued This WebQuest looks at these portraits and the many different images of Jesus that have been created throughout the history of the Christian Church. After completing this WebQuest you will have an understanding of the different ways Jesus has been represented in a variety of media throughout the ages by artists from various cultures.


Task Look at the different ways in which Jesus has been portrayed in art, in a variety of styles and cultures. What are the artists saying about Jesus in the way that they portray him? Using the designated web pages in Resources, your task is to research, and gather information and images of Jesus as he has been portrayed throughout history. Then choose one or more of the following activities to complete…


Activites… Using PowerPoint, create a presentation using your selected images. Write a poem or story based on one of the images. Make a drawing or painting of your own image of Jesus.

Collecting graphics for your Activity.: 

Collecting graphics for your Activity. Hint… To save a picture from the Internet, right click on the picture you want. When the menu appears, click on Save Picture As. When the next menu appears, choose the proper directory, then click Save.


Process Your discovery of Jesus will follow four steps: Use the linked websites in Jesus – a summary and the Introduction to gain an insight into the historical and cultural contexts in which Jesus lived. Have an understanding of Marcus Borg’s Pre-Easter and Post-Easter Jesus. Using the designated websites and resources in Resources research the different ways Jesus has been portrayed throughout history. Choose one of the Activities to complete and present this to your class.


Resources Web: Jesus in Art Jesus Through the Centuries Expressions: faces of Jesus The Face of Jesus Other: (available from Multimedia Centre) Picturing Jesus - Worldwide contemporary artists (Pack A andamp; B) Images of Jesus poster


Assessment Chosen activity presented relates to the topic. Task has been thoroughly addressed. See Presentation check list for more information.

Presentation check list: 

Presentation check list PowerPoint presentation Good use of sound effects with a wide range used and it enhances the text Multiple use of frames Text types and fonts are varied and enhance presentation Adequate use of accessories to pique audience’s curiosity Wide variety of backgrounds used Interesting and varied titles used Information displayed is relevant and highly detailed Theme is constantly referred to and is evidenced throughout the presentation Oral presentation Constant eye contact Constant clarity Appropriate posture throughout Palm cards used and held correctly Highly confident presentation PowerPoint presentation is referenced for the audience’s benefit Fluency reflects confidence Information is detailed and shows reference to the research undertaken


Conclusion As an additional activity you may like to create your own passport for Jesus. To help prepare for your presentation on your chosen activity to your class, try this quiz to find out how much you know about Jesus. Choose a level of difficulty… Easy Intermediate Difficult Almost impossible