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What are the different types of software testing? As a Tester, we know the different types of software tests such as functional tests, non-functional tests, automation tests, Agile Tests and their subtypes, etc. Each of us would have encountered different types of Tests on our test journey.


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Diferent software testing types with Details What are the diferent types of software testing As a T ester we know the diferent types of software tests such as functional tests non-functional tests automation tests Agile T ests and their subtypes etc. Each of us would have encountered diferent types of T ests on our test journey. Diferent types of software testing Functional test types include: • Unit test • Integration testing • System testing Mental health testing Smoking test Interface test • Regression Beta / Acceptance Non-functional test types include: • Performance testing • Load testing • Stress test Volume T esting

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Safety tests Compatibility testing Install T ests Recovery T ests Reliability testing Usability T ests Conformity assessment Localization T ests https://www.exltech.in/software-testing-course.html 1 Alpha Test It is the most common type of T ests used in the software industry. The objective of this test is to identify all possible problems or defects before it is released to the market or to the user.

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2 Ad-hoc Tests The name itself suggests that this test is carried out on an ad hoc basis i.e. without reference to the test case and also without a plan or documentation for such kind of T ests. The purpose of this check is to fnd the defects and to break the application by running an application fow or random functionality. 3 Beta Test Beta testing is a formal type of software testing performed by the customer. It is carried out in the real environment before the product is put on the market for the actual fnal consumer. 4 component testing It is usually performed by developers after completion of unit T ests. Component testing involves testing multiple functionalities as a single code and your goal is to determine whether there is a defect after connecting these multiple functionalities together. 5 Functional Testing This type of testing ignores the internal parts and focuses only on the output to check whether it is according to the requireTypes of software tests: diferent testing types with Details

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6 integration testing This type of T esting all integrated modules to verify the combined functionality after integration is called Integration T est. Modules are typically code modules individual applications client and server applications in a network etc. 7 Non-Functional Testing It is a type of T ests for which each organization has a separate team usually called a Non-Functional T est NFT team or Performance team. 8 Regression Tests T esting an application as a whole for modifcation in a module or functionality is called regression testing. It is difcult to cover the entire system in regression tests so automation testing tools are typically used for these types of T ests. 9 security testing It is a kind of T ests that are carried out by a special T eam of testers. A system can be penetrated by any hackingsecurity way. 10 Smoke testing When a new build is provided by the development team the Software T est team validates the build and ensures that there is no major Problem.

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The T est team ensures that the build is stable and that a detailed test level is continued. Smoking test checks that there is no show-stopper defect in the build that prevents the T est team from testing the application in detail. 11 unit testing T esting a single software component or module is called unit testing. It is usually performed by the programmer and not by testers as it requires a detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. It may also require developing test driver modules. 12 White Box Testing White Box testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an applications code. It is also known as glass box T est. Internal software and code work should be known for this type of testing. These tests are based on coverage of code statements branches pathsconditions etc. 13 Black Box Testing The internal system design is not considered in this type of test. T ests are based on requirements and functions. For more details:https://www.exltech.in/