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Verb tenses & Principle parts of verbs : 

Verb tenses & Principle parts of verbs By Shayla Isham, Tony Dennis, and Jason lee

What are verb tenses? : 

What are verb tenses? There are 3 different kind of verb tenses. Past Present Future

What are verb tenses? : 

What are verb tenses? Past What is past? Past is something that already happened. Like I washed the dog yesterday.

What are verb tenses? : 

What are verb tenses? Present Present is like when it is happening right now. You could tell when it is present because it would end with “s” or it wouldn’t end with anything. Like Mr.H yells At his students. Shayla and Ben ski on the weekends.

What are verb tenses? : 

What are verb tenses? Future Future is when it will happen later in the future. Like I shall clean my room. Or I will eat lunch tomorrow.

Principle parts : 

Principle parts You have already learned about the present tense “ask”, the past tense “asked”, and the future tense “(will) ask”. Verbs have other tenses too. All the tenses of the verb come from four basic forms. These basic forms are the principle parts of the verb.

Principle parts : 

Principle parts Principle parts are verbs like

Quiz Directions : 

Quiz Directions Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses to complete each sentence.

Quiz : 

Quiz Years ago a group ___ to study artic tern. (Choose)

Quiz : 

Quiz These birds can ___ thousands of miles a year. (fly)

Quiz : 

Quiz Last fall one bird’s trip _____ in Canada. (begin)

Quiz : 

Quiz In few weeks, the bird had _____ thousands of miles. (fly)

Quiz : 

Quiz The bird _____ twenty thousand miles in one year. (fly)

Quiz Answers : 

Quiz Answers Answer 1. chose Answer 2. fly Answer 3. began Answer 4. flown Answer 5. flew

Conclusion : 

Conclusion That’s all we have. Good night . And make sure to remember which one is past, present, or future

Resources : 

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