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Verb Phases: Main verbs, Auxiliaries, Contractions : 

Verb Phases: Main verbs, Auxiliaries, Contractions By, Brittany Andren, Wesley Tegantvoort, Tasha Daniels

Introduction : 

Introduction Some verbs are only one word. Ex. Kenneth walked home. Sometime they can be several words that makes up the verb. Ex. I will be going home soon too.

Main verbs : 

Main verbs The last verb in 2 verb phrases is the main verb Main verbs are also called, “lexical verbs” Also called a helping verbs unless it isn’t there In English, the extra meaning provided by an auxiliaries verb alters the basic meaning of the main verbs to make it have for more of the following formations

Auxiliaries : 

Auxiliaries Normally known as helping verbs In English, every clue has a finite verbs which consists of a main verb (a non-auxiliary verb)

Contractions : 

Contractions A contraction is a shorter form of two words An apostrophe tacks place of the later that is taken out like wouldn’t the “o” was Two words put together Ex. aren’t, don’t, isn’t, wasn’t, can’t, weren’t, wouldn’t, doesn’t, hasn’t, haven’t, couldn’t

Resources : 

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