transitive and intrasitive verbs

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By Patty Bean Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

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What are Direct Object. What are Transitive. What are Intransitive. Introduction

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First, I Put dry cereal into bowl. Verbs: Put Who OR What Did you put direct Object into Cereal. First: circle the verbs Then: Ask yourself Who or What Direct Objects

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A direct object is a receiving action verb. It answers Who or What. Direct Objects

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Transitive verbs that has an action verbs with the direct object  EX: Ann's family brought a present for her. ^ Action verb Transitive Verbs

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Intransitive verbs- action verbs with no Direct Object  She talks about her present all the time. This sentence has action verb with no direct object. This means it is an Intransitive verbs. Intransitive Verbs

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This is what you learned about Direct Object and Transitive and Intransitive verbs!!!! Conclusion

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