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Agenda Introductions Overview of Ricoh Overview of Technology Support Service Center Responsibilities of each support area Center Operation Information Employee Recognition Program Monitoring Program Goal Setting and Tracking Interviewing and Hiring Training

Ricoh Data:

Company Name: Ricoh Company, Ltd. Date of Establishment: February 6, 1936 Capitalization: ¥135.3 billion (as of March 31, 2010) Consolidated Net Sales: ¥2,016.3 billion (year ended March 31, 2010) Chairman: Masamitsu Sakurai President and Chief Executive Officer: Shiro Kondo Number of Employees: 108,525 (on consolidated basis, as of 03/31/10) Number of Consolidated Companies: 272 (as of 03/31/10) Head Office: Ricoh Building, Ginza 8-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan Ricoh Data

Ricoh’s Service Organization:

CANADA USA LATIN AMERICA JAPAN CHINA ASIA PACIFIC EUROPE 6,417 Service Professionals 778 Service Professionals 6,769 Service Professionals 990 Service Professionals 8,935 Service Professionals 287 Service Professionals 1,870 Service Professionals 30,000+ service professionals with coverage in 94 countries Ricoh’s Service Organization

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Ricoh Nederland Trapstraat, Brussels Ricoh Canada Ricoh Imaging Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. [RITS] Ricoh Company, Ltd. Shiodome, Japan Around the World

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Time Square’s only 100% Solar and wind powered billboard Ricoh Promotes a Safe Environment In 2008 Ricoh installed a 100% solar and wind powered billboard in New York City 35,000 lbs with 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels. Keep 18 tons of carbon out of the environment The sign is 126ft wide & 47ft tall

Significant Acquisitions:

Significant Acquisitions March 1995 October 1995 January 2001 October 2004 December 2006 January 2007 Europe January 2009

Customer Vision®:

Customer Vision® Seeing our business through the customer’s eyes and responding as a team to their needs at or above their expectations Customer Vision Team instills values and principles enterprise-wide Commitment to Customer Vision ensures: Stronger customer relationships Anticipation of evolving requirements Alignment of solutions with customer needs

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Technician Access to Help Laptops Blackberries/EDGE Cell Phones Ricoh Web Site On-line Phone Support E-mail Global Knowledge Base

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Call Centers Doug Ulrich Sr. Manager Service Dispatch Supply Order Processing Inbound Order Taking Outbound Order Processing RBS Meter Collections Melissa Halloff Sr. Manager Service Dispatch Supply Order Processing Inbound Order Taking Outbound Order Processing RBS Meter Collections Jewell Johnson Bowman Sr. Manager Service Dispatch Supply Order Processing Inbound Order Taking Outbound Order Processing RBS Meter Collections Duluth, GA Tempe AZ Melbourne, FL Laura Batton, Director of Call Center Operations Within Ricoh there are three (3) call centers that take customer calls, redirect for troubleshooting, take supply orders, or dispatch the call to a technician. The centers are redundant and provide disaster recovery backup for each other. Call Center Environment

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Support Centers Roger Portner, Director Technical Support Production Print Reliability PPBG Support Hardware Engineering RCL Escalations Roger Portner, Director Technical Support TSSC Support for RAC PPSC Support for RAC Product Reliability Hardware Engineering RCL Escalations Cora Calhoun, Director Customer Support Solutions Help Desk Network Services, CA(IKON and Ricoh) Solution Engineering Automation HD Printer/Scanner/Depot Services Duluth, GA New Jersey Tucker, GA Within Ricoh there are three (3) support centers that troubleshoot product and solution issues for our dealers, external customers and internal employees Support Environment

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Solutions Help Desk Solutions Engineering Solutions Sales Support 7X24 Customer Service help desk Automation/@Remote/RicohDirect Help Desk Printer, Scanner HD and Depot Exchange/Repair Ricoh Network Services and NW Managed Services Technology Support Services Center The TSSC has 100+ employees working in 7 support areas

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Employees: 59 Call Volume: 40,000– 50,000 O perating Hours: 7 x 24 R esolution Rate: 70 – 75% A verage Answer: 30 - 45 seconds Abandoned Rate: 3.6% 7X24 Customer Support 1st level 24 X 7 customer support for all products and solutions. After hour support for the Call Centers (11:00pm – 7:00am Monday – Friday, weekends/holidays).

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After Hour Support After Hour support for Melbourne Call Center from 11:00pm – 7:00am M-F, weekends and holidays After Hour disaster replacement of machines shipped to remote locations via courier Customer 1 st level product support and troubleshooting 7X24 including weekends and holidays Calls for the Chemical Safety Hotline after 5:00pm, weekends and holidays Network Managed Services 7X24 including weekends and holidays IKON 7X24 support for Major Accounts

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Customer calls with issue Troubleshooting over phone If not resolved over phone: Dispatch technician Process advanced exchange ***************************************** Advanced Exchange Warranty Ship unit to customer overnight Customer returns unit with issues Receive unit from customer Depot repairs unit  Troubleshooting  Process advanced exchanges  D epot repair Printer/Scanner/Depot Support

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Employees: 22 Call Volume: 6,000 – 8,000 O perating Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00pm R esolution Rate: 75% A verage Answer: 30 – 45 seconds Abandoned Rate: 1.4% Printer/Scanner/Depot Support Provides support to external customers on printer/ connectivity, and/or scanner issues. Handles and processes products with exchange service.

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Technology Solutions Employees: 27 Call Volume: 7,500 – 9,500 per month Operating Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm M – F Average Answer: 30 – 45 sec Resolution Rate: 94% Abandoned Rate: 2.6% Provides internal and external support and troubleshooting for Solutions, Software, Applications and Connectivity

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3 rd level Engineering support for software, solutions, applications and connectivity. Provides high level technical support & troubleshooting for any issue that cannot be resolved by the 2 nd level help desk. Maintains software, hardware, & network service labs Troubleshooting escalations from 2 nd level help desk White papers, knowledgebase resolutions Usability Testing for new products Conducts training Engineering Support


Automation RicohDirect Help Desk - established to assist Ricoh customers when using the online RicohDirect system. There are two groups within the RD Help Desk: Inbound Help Desk Responsibilities - takes calls from customers, chat sessions with customers (option on the RicohDirect screen), click to talk (option on the RicohDirect screen), Emails and special reports and customer research. Outbound Help Desk Responsibilities - calls customers to resolve issues, assist in setting them up on RicohDirect and to obtain a meter reading @remote administration /1 st level troubleshooting Clean up of duplicate data access Creating new customers Performing maintenance and corrections Creating new site codes/service depots Creating service providers in Passwords 1 st level @remote issues.

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RicohDirect Self Service Web Portal Enter meter readings Request service Cancel service request Send message to technician View 12 month service history View service request status Order supplies Track supply orders Chat/Talk w/tech support Chat/Talk w/RD Support Low Toner Alerts RicohDirect is an complementary online system that allows customers to manage their Ricoh business via a web portal. It streamlines meters, service and supply transactions, reports timely account data, has 24/7 access to data, offers easy supply ordering, gives email confirmation for all transactions and provides email reminders for meter readings


@Remote @Remote - remote service for networked output devices connected in a LAN/Broadband environment. It is Internet-based support for remote management of digital multi-purpose devices/laser printers. Devices monitored in real time by the @Remote device Services can be delivered quickly

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Ricoh Network Services Employees: 12 Operating Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm M – F Resolution Rate: 83% Average Answer: 30 – 45 seconds Provides Network Service support and troubleshooting for external customers

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Network Managed Services Asset Management Security Services Server, Workstation, Desktop, Firewall 2 4/7 Security monitoring Intrusion detection and prevention Anti-virus monitoring and support Remote Monitoring (N-Able) Remote software distribution Remote script execution Help desk integration Remote Maintenance (Bomgar) Robust screen sharing File system browser and file transfer Instant diagnosis ability

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Call Management/Systems:

Call Management/Systems Oracle System to Track Customer Product Calls Customer History Order Entry Generate Service Requests Billing Dispatch Remedy Call Management System Global Knowledge Base to search for resolutions CMS Reports to Track Performance

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Quality Standards Adherence to Schedule Quality of work

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Monitoring Employees Immediate Feedback Sessions Focus on Customer Service Quality of Work Login Time - Approximately 31,500 AUX- Less Than: 17% ACW- Less Than: 3 – 6% NACD, ACD Ready Idle: 78% Measuring Quality and Productivity Adherence to Schedule

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Work Times Answer Times Abandoned Calls Total Number of Calls Talk Times Non Work Time AUX (out) Time ACW (wrap) Time Statistics Monitored Daily

Attendance Policy:

Attendance Policy Sick Time – 6 days per year……Fastime System Absences Tardies Making Up Time Perfect Attendance Definition Swap shifts

Time Off:

Time Off Vacation Less than 5 years…….2 weeks 5 – 10 years…………..3 weeks 10+ years………………4 weeks Floating Holidays - 4 days Holidays – 7 holidays per year

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Employee Recognition/Communication:

Employee Recognition/Communication Service Anniversaries Attitude Award Winners Above and Beyond Performers Perfect Attendance Certifications Birthdays Communication meetings Chat Day Suggestion Boxes

Employee Recognition:

Employee Recognition Balloons for birthdays and anniversaries Employee special events (1 event quarterly) Spring cook out Bake offs (with time off coupons as prizes) Chili, desserts, salads, etc. 5 days of Christmas Thanksgiving Event

Vision, Mission & Values Program:

Vision, Mission & Values Program At the beginning of the new month one idea will be selected from one team The winning team will win a pizza luncheon and the person submitting the winning entry will spend the wheel for an additional prize The center is divided into groups of 11 or 12 members each with a name and a captain During the month team members will discuss ideas to improve the work environment, processes, operations, etc. Suggestions are sent via email to the team captain Team meets monthly to choose 1 suggestion for submission

Employee Recognition:

Employee Recognition Manager’s Choice Manager chooses one statistic monthly i.e. ACW time, AUX time, work time, etc. Top three employees with the highest statistics in the chosen area wins a gift

Employee Recognition:

Employee Recognition National Customer Service Week (5 days) Team building event Popcorn machine Customer Service Bingo Lottery drawing (tickets under chair) Door prize drawings Movie days Cook off Games and prizes each day Special event each of the 5 days

Attitude Award:

Attitude Award Positive attitude Friendly to all co-workers Assists co-workers with enthusiasm Refers to peers in a positive manner Has a smile in their voice Motivates others to do their best Pleasant to be around NOMINATED BY PEERS

Employee Forum:

Employee Forum The employee forum is a group of employees chosen at random by the managers…..1 or 2 employees from each help desk The team meets on a monthly basis and each year the team members change There is a facilitator assigned to the team (not a manager) The purpose is for employees to discuss issues, ideas for improvement, process changes, recommend and plan employee special events, holiday events, etc. One important task for each member is to talk with fellow employees and get their suggestions, ideas and feedback and bring that information into the forum team meetings

Extreme Makeover:

Extreme Makeover The purpose of the extreme makeover is to review every process, job function, etc. on every team through the eyes of the employees, team leaders and managers The team meets on a bi-weekly basis for approximately 3 to 4 months. Each year the team members change The results are always impressive: Reduction in call volume New processes or process changes to increase efficiency Elimination of responsibilities or job functions Improved customer service levels Improved communications

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Monitoring All employees are monitored several times per month New employees are monitored daily Monitoring sessions are recorded and a monitoring form is completed Goal is to make 100 on each session There are 2 bonus questions totaling 10 extra points Hanging up on a customer or using profanity will constitute a -0- on the monitoring session and may lead to further action

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Goals & Scorecards:

Goals & Scorecards Goals are set up for employees each year Goals are reviewed with each employee Goal results are logged onto a scorecard each month and a copy of the scorecard is sent to each employee each month Copies of all scorecards are maintained in a log and available for review at any time Quarterly counseling sessions with employees to review goals

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Hiring Process:

Hiring Process We hire all employees temporary to permanent Reasons for hiring temp to Perm Make sure they can do what they say on resume Give employee a chance to see if the job is what they want to do Gives us a chance to see technical and customer service skills Make sure employee can get resolution across phone to customer

Hiring Process:

Hiring Process Temp employees are interviewed just as if they were going to be a full time employee We use a test called SRA which is a reasoning skills test. Technical tests are given depending upon area of placement Candidates are interviewed by 2 managers and may be called back for a second interview Situational scenarios are given to candidates to determine customer service skills

Employee Retention:

Employee Retention Our employee retention rate is high Lost 1 employee in the past 12 months Lost 3 employees within the past 24 months Lost 5 employees within the past 36 months


Training We have several ways we train our employees In-house trainer and training class CBTs Labs Workshops Ricoh University Outside Vendors Training is one of our top priorities

Management Ratios:

Management Ratios Customer Help Desk………..…..58/1 Printer/Scanner HD………..……22/1 Solutions HD/Engineering…….27/1 Automation Help Desk………….12/1 Network Services HD……………..12/1

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