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Introductions : 

2 Introductions

Introductions : 

Introductions 3

SNAPSHOT! Background : 

4 SNAPSHOT! Background

History of SCORE™ and SNAPSHOT!™(Support Center Opportunity and Risk Evaluation) : 

History of SCORE™ and SNAPSHOT!™(Support Center Opportunity and Risk Evaluation) 5 1999 – 2010 SCORE and Snapshot! Continues to be the standard for a Contact Center assessment methodology - updates made to categories reflecting the changes in specific best practices 1996 Renaissance Partners, Inc. developed SCORE™ and piloted the methodology 1998 Snapshot! Introduced and SCORE™ Framework adopted by HDI. 1999 Renaissance Partners merged with North Highland – HDI continues to partner with North Highland

Six Elements of Successful Contact Centers : 

Six Elements of Successful Contact Centers 6 Business Alignment Service Culture Operational Processes Tools and Technology

Contact Center Elements : 

7 Contact Center Elements

Business Alignment : 

Business Alignment 8 The service/support function MUST contribute to the organization's ability to achieve its stated goals. Business Alignment Categories: Vision / Mission Established and Documented Service Strategy Defined Published and Measurable Goals and Objectives Business and/or Operations Plans Established Management Reporting Resource Planning and Allocation

Service Culture : 

Service Culture 9 The organization’s culture must recognize, value and support the effort to provide customers with effective and efficient support. Service Culture Categories: Product / Service Offerings Service Level Agreements and Operational Level Agreements Customer Satisfaction Measurements Internal Service Culture Client / Customer Focus

Operational Processes : 

Operational Processes 10 Operational processes are the foundation for realizing the maximum benefit from technology and automation and must be in place for the support function to be successful. Operational Processes Categories: Contact Management Processes Problem Management Processes Root Cause Analysis Customer Information / History Management New Services Implementation Operational Performance Measures Staffing and Budgeting Methodology Continuous Improvement

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People Motivation : 

People Motivation 12 The people providing the support must understand why it’s important, receive satisfaction from their work, and feel supported in and valued for their efforts. People / Motivation Categories: Turnover Staff / Retention Facility Design Employee Attitude and Behavior Reward and Recognition Systems Job Variety and Challenge Career Planning and Development

People Skills : 

People Skills 13 The support staff must have the right set of skills necessary to effectively respond to customer requests for assistance. People Skills and Knowledge Categories: Training and Development Plans Product / Technical Skills Business Knowledge Service / Team Skills Company Infrastructure Knowledge Support Technology Infrastructure

Tools and Technology : 

Tools and Technology 14 The support operation must have access to tools and technology to achieve the established performance levels. Tools and Technology Categories: Telecommunications Infrastructure Data Network Infrastructure Automatic Call Distribution Interactive Voice Response Quality Monitoring Tools Customer Management System Analysis and Reporting Tools Internet / Intranet / Web Knowledge Management Systems Systems and Tools Integration

Slide 15: 

15 Interpreting the Snapshot! Results The Snapshot! Analyzer provides Numerical Results in the six elements Graphical Representation in the six elements Indication of your confidence in your evaluation Enables you to “share” your interpretation. The industry average for each of the 6 elements is 2.5-3.0 Having one or two elements that are extremely out of line with the others is a signal of high risk. A balanced set of elements ranging from 4-5 is the most successful model.

Wrap Up : 

16 Wrap Up

Wrap Up : 

Wrap Up 17 Responses will be collected and processed as follows: Analyze Responses Produce Graphs Provide visibility in areas for improvement

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