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Champagne Appreciation on a Beer budget:

Champagne Appreciation on a Beer budget Presented by Krista Ciccozzi


Objectives Learn how to start a simple Rewards and Recognition Program List new ways to recognize employees that cost nothing or on a low budget Identify opportunity areas to show appreciation within your organization Pull your community into recognition and appreciation for their employees Exercise creativity within themselves and their team

Appreciation for Doing Their Job? Really?:

Appreciation for Doing Their Job? Really? “People work for money, but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.” -Stuart Levine, CEO Dale Carnegie and Associates

Benefits of Appreciation and Recognition:

Benefits of Appreciation and Recognition Renews Determination Inspires One to Do More Creates Excitement Makes One Glad to Come to Work Improves Job Performance Increased Customer Satisfaction

Types of Recognition:

Types of Recognition Formal Informal Rewards for Specific Achievements Organizational Reward Programs Day-to-Day Recognition Intangible Tangible Group Recognition


Day-to-Day Personal Written Electronic Public


Personal Timely, Sincere, and Specific Connect with Employee Make it a Habit Get Out of Your Chair Ask People “How Are You?” and mean it! Say “Good Morning,” “Good Night,” and “Thank You!”


Written Write a Thank-You Note Post a Note on Employee’s Work Area Write a “Letter of Praise” for the Employee’s file, Send Copy to Higher Manager Pre-Designed Thank-You Cards Ask CEO to Send Letter to Employee Send a Letter Home Send a Note When YOU Leave for Vacation


Electronic Email, Fax, Text, Phone/Voicemail Intranet Videoconference Web Chat Message Boards Intercom Electronic Newsletters

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Someone Just Thought of You! Krista has sent you a Baudville ePraise card. If you recognize this name, click the link below to view your card. Click here to view your ePraise. This card will be available for 30 days. Want to send an ePraise card too? Click here to send an ePraise card today! Electronic Example


Public Positive Gossip Wall of Fame Peer-Recognition Group Meetings/Banquets Day of Appreciation Make a Photo Collage Ask Others to Participate

Informal Intangible:

Informal Intangible Information, Involvement and Support Autonomy and Authority Flexibility Personal Growth Manager Availability

Information, Involvement, and Support:

Information, Involvement, and Support Ask for Employee’s Ideas and Opinions Share Company Performance Results Share Departmental Performance Support Employees When Mistakes are Made Welcome New Employees

Autonomy and Authority:

Autonomy and Authority Allow Employees to Decide *HOW* Best to Get the Work Done Empower Employees to Make Decisions to Create Customer Satisfaction Allow Employees to Run Meetings Allow Teams to Create Work Schedules


Flexibility Award Time Off for Achievements Arrange Hours of Work to Benefit Employee Help Employees Around a Stressful Situation Work From Home On-Site Services

Personal Growth:

Personal Growth Training Classes Special Assignments Challenging Project Professional Organization Encourage Learning and Advanced Education Have Employees Share What They Learned from a Class

Manager Availability:

Manager Availability Make Time to Listen Informal Chats Actively Engage Managers Visit Employees’ Work Area Executive Meetings with Employees Focus Groups


Tangible Awards Cash and Gift Certificates Nominal Gifts and Food Special Privileges and Perks


Awards Certificates “Cheesy” Themed Items Team Created Trophy Tokens Bling

Cash and Gift Certificates:

Cash and Gift Certificates Support Bucks Raffle Tickets Gift Cards Movie Tickets Cash Bonuses Company Products or Services

Nominal Gifts:

Nominal Gifts Apparel Books Services Electronics Calendars Desk and Office Accessories Glassware Writing Instruments


Food Buy Employee Lunch and Include a Few Co-Workers of His Choice Lunch Coupons for On the Spot Lunch with the President Bring in Lunches Dinner Events

Special Privileges and Perks:

Special Privileges and Perks Special Parking Spot Free Lunches in Cafeteria for Set Amount of Time Better Seating/Furnishings Special Break Areas

Group Recognition:

Group Recognition Fun, Games, and Contests Celebrations, Parties, and Special Events

Fun, Games, and Contests:

Fun, Games, and Contests Fun Zone Bulletin Board Off-Site Meetings Themed Attire Day Contest Office Pranks Office Olympics Contest with Prizes that Cost Little to Nothing Dress Casual Day

Celebrations, Parties, and Special Events:

Celebrations, Parties, and Special Events Take the Team to the Movies Charity Event Bowling Party Potluck BBQ or Picnic in the Parking Lot Celebrate Customer Service Week Arrange An Outing for Employees and Families

Krista’s End-of-Year Gifts:

Krista’s End-of-Year Gifts Snowflake Plate Star Coaster Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket Candle with Holder Deck of Cards

Community Involvement:

Community Involvement ASK, ASK, ASK Be Partners with Local Businesses Letter In Person Vendors

Sample Letter:

Sample Letter I work for Carestream Dental located in your neighborhood. We have over 500 employees in our building. I am hoping that you will be able to help us in a mutually beneficial way. I was wondering if you would kindly provide <item of request> so we could use them as prizes for a contest we are having for our Technical Support employees. By doing so, we will help you increase awareness of your business to our employees. In exchange for one or more items from your business, we will also make you the sponsor of that prize and announce that along with the winner. We will also make available to our employees any flyers, menus, or similar, that you would like to provide. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to pick them up, or you could mail them to me at the address below.

Starting a Reward and Recognition Program:

Starting a Reward and Recognition Program Do it Yourself! Ask Employees What They Want Start Small Solicit for Prizes Think Creatively

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Learn how to start a simple Rewards and Recognition Program List new ways to recognize employees that cost nothing or on a low budget Identify opportunity areas to show appreciation within their organization Pull their community into recognition and appreciation for their employees Exercise creativity within themselves and their team Check-In Objectives

Thank You!:

Thank you for attending. Please c omplete a survey! Thank You!

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