10 Things You Should Know If You’re Moving to Dubai


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A glance to ensure on few things that you should be aware of before your move to Dubai.


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10 Things You Should Know If You’re Moving to Dubai 1 10 Things You Should Know If You’re Moving to Dubai

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If you have finally made the decision to move to the city of your dreams, but you are concerned about all the things that could go wrong. A sure shot way to avoid problems is to do your homework . Here are some things you should be aware of before your big move. 2 10 Things You Should Know If You’re Moving to Dubai Make sure to bring the originals of all important documents with you along with at least 20 passport sized photographs. These will be needed to apply for almost anything in the city. You should also find out which documents need to be attested and from your home or elsewhere . 1- Documents

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 Rental prices in popular expat areas have skyrocketed over the last few years also be prepared to be asked to pay a single amount during negotiations. A few landlords may consent to take three to four installments in a year, yet you can as a rule spare cash by paying in fewer cheques . In the event that you are on job hunting , you will require transitory convenience since you won't have the capacity to lease without a legitimate residency visa. Such places, hotel apartments, or other short-stay options, usually charge a premium, but are completely furnished, inclusive of utilities and often provide hotel-like services. 3 2- Accommodation

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Many individuals enter Dubai on a tourist visa and then try to find a job . In the event that you do this, you ought to know that you may need to leave the nation (and re-enter) with a specific end goal to exchange onto a residency visa. A visitor visa is likewise ordinarily just for 30 days, and you will be fined every day you exceed.   Whether you find a job once you are in Dubai or arrive on an entry visa with a job offer in hand, there is exhaustive paperwork that needs to be filed to obtain a residency visa and work permit. 4 3- Tourist visa or entry visa

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Dubai can be a expensive city to live in. However the average cost for basic items in Dubai truly relies upon what expectations for everyday comforts you anticipate. Utilize a money converter to check how costs for everything in Dubai stack up against comparative products at home. You should be proficient so you can choose the amount of your investment funds to carry with you, set up a sensible spending plan and precisely survey the estimation of a compensation bundle when you are offered an occupation. 5 4- Cost of living

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On the off chance that you hold a legitimate driving permit from one of the 31 nations approved by the RTA then you can without much of a stretch exchange your permit to a UAE permit. Be that as it may, if not, you will require a specific number of classes from an approved driving school in Dubai before you can take the driving test. 6 5- Getting a driver's permit

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7 6 - Language While the official dialect of Dubai is Arabic, the vast majority communicate in English since the greater part of the populace are expats. Work environments additionally work dominatingly under the English dialect. Be that as it may, it is useful and acknowledged in the event that you learn and utilize a couple of catchphrases and expressions in your everyday life in the city. It will demonstrate your regard for the neighborhood culture and perhaps win you a few friends from local people. To have the capacity to drink liquor at home or at authorized scenes, for example, bars in lodgings, non- muslims require an alcohol permit. This permit might be legitimate in the emirate city that issued the permit. It is a culpable offense to drink or be intoxicated out in the open in Dubai. 7 - Liquor license

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8 8- Bank matters Since Dubai is a major financial center, it has numerous nearby and worldwide banks. It is conceivable that your nearby bank at home may have a branch in Dubai which will profit exchanging simpler for you. After you have picked your bank, you have to furnish them with the essential reports to open a present record. Without a residency allow, a few banks just permit an investment account to be opened. You won't be furnished with a charge card, however you will have the capacity to utilize an ATM card to pull back cash from ATM machines.

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9 9- Pet import permit To be able to bring your furry friend alongside you to Dubai, you have to apply for a pet import allow from the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and search for settlement that enables occupants to keep pets (numerous proprietors don't permit this so make a point to ask before marking the lease contract!). A pet travel permit and a current veterinary wellbeing testament is required for the allow application. Extra archives that might be required incorporate inoculation and test records.

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10 10- Transportation effects You should be available in Dubai and able to deliver a residency visa for your belongings to be granted customs clearance . Family products and belongings are typically regarded as duty free . Since most shipments are liable to examination, The chances of this happening increase if your shipment contains many packages marked as “packed by owner”. Let a reputable moving company pack your belongings for you. Also, make sure that you do not ship anything that is not legally allowed to enter Dubai such as alcohol .

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