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Key Steps for Business Setup in Dubai 1 Rewards Management for Employee satisfaction

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Rewards  are positive outcomes that are earned as a result of an employee's performance. These rewards are aligned with organizational goals. When an employee helps an organization in the achievement of one of its goals A motivated workforce can be a significant factor in organizational success. When employees are motivated to work at higher levels of productivity, the organization as a whole runs more efficiently and is more effective at reaching its goals.  2

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3 Total Rewards

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While designing a comprehensive Reward Management, important questions need clarity . Of the two systems, Strategic Reward or Total Reward, which fits your goals better? How effective is the employee value proposition in attracting talented achievers? Is what you pay is enough to retain the best talent? Do employees perceive full value and are willing to do their best? How would the compensation expenses be treated under corporate income tax regime? And crucially, are you paying more and carrying extra burden into accounts books? 4 Designing a comprehensive Reward Management

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When you are hiring niche talent , these issues present additional importance. Consultants at our Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) resolve the difficulties and develop an efficient reward management system. Our consultation addresses these aspects through analytical benchmarking. We continuously track reward systems and structures prevailing in various business segments across the world. The knowledge base built through extensively researching industry wide best practices, global scenario, local employment laws, remunerating standard for specific skills and other inputs. Recruitment Agency in UAE 5 Rewards Management for Employee satisfaction

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The knowledge and expertise of our consultants provides quick and accurate benchmarks for the various components including: Base salary Variable pay Merit pay Performance influencers (incentives for innovation, bonus for increasing sales, cost control) Career advancement through promotions and grades, Relocation and mobility assistance, Indirect benefits e.g. health care, paid vacations, insurance, retirement benefits, Recognition program Flexible working arrangements including flexible hours and telecommuting Learning and development opportunities. 6 Rewards Management

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Most importantly, our consultants would design the right communication that drives the true value of the rewards to the employees. The solutions we present are performance enablers, capable of multiplying the ability by motivation. 7 Rewards Management

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Recruitment Agency in UAE   8 Contact us : Website: Email : [email protected] Cell #: +971(0) 508576116 Address : Silicon Oasis Headquarters Building,4th Floor,C & D Wing Dubai UAE P.O Box:- 341041

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