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What is SEO? 14 Facts about SEO!


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LET US CREATE SEO FRIENDLY CONTENT FOR YOUR WEBSITE  by Yiping Holly Wang What is SEO From the early 1990’s website owners woke up to the idea that having highly visible sites in search engines brought valuable business results. A parallel idea was developed that goes as follow if a website can gain a higher ranking it’ll potentially draw more traffic and consequently more business to a website. SEO has gone a long way since the day that it first started. For effective SEO solution one must stay on top of the ever- evolving Google search algorithm.

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GV ATE new york seo expert: what’s so   Here’s a video to show you what SEO does and what services GV ATE can provide you with: SEO Service NYC | PPC | Social Media | SEO Website Design- Service Video | GV ATE LLC div class"player-unavailable"h1 class"message" 出现错误。/h1div class"submessage"a href"http://www.youtube.com/watchvYk75Z3GzGYw" target"_blank" 请尝试在 www.youtube.com 上观看此视频/a ,或者在浏览器中启⽤ JavaScript (如果已停⽤)。 /div/div 14 SEO facts Why is SEO important:

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GV ATE new york seo expert: 14 SEO facts 1 Top two internet activist are search and email. →How about search engine comparing with social media 2 Search Engine have 3 times more traffic to content sites than social media have. → That being said Social media still have an influence on search ranking. 3 Over 100 billion searches conducted globally each month.→ How about the results in US 4 91 of US Internet users search online each month.→ Does it matter to have higher rank in the search results 5 75 of the clicks go to the top 5 results.→ Do people favor sponsor search more 6 Over 70 of the search engine users prefer the results on the natural search. → Let’s break it down. 7 18 of organic clicks go to No.1 positions in the results. → How about second position 8 10 of organic clicks go to No.2 positions in the results. → And third 9 7 of organic clicks go to No.3 positions in the results.→ Does sponsored search work at all 10 80 of the search engine users rarely click on the sponsored search search. → Then what do companies think of SEO 11 60 of companies report that they integrate SEO and content strategy. → How much do companies spend on SEO then 12 In U.S. 31.6 billion is spent on search marketing which is roughly half of digital marketing budgets 2015. → Is SEO more and more popular in marketing strategy 13 In U.S. estimated 45 billion will be spent on paid search and organic optimization by 2019. → What do marketers think about SEO then 14 53 of marketers see content creation as the most effective and important SEO tactic. →Marketing has spent more and more on SEO. The market has been more competitive. Therefore continually maintaining and keeping an update SEO strategy is significant. →So now you know SEO matters. Do you need SEO Check out our blog on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. DO I NEED IT  →Now how to start What do you need to do next What kind of SEO company can be trusted Check out our blog on HOW TO HIRE A GOOD SEO COMPANY AND EXPERTS. Or…here is an expert company on SEO that you don’t want to miss ABOUT GV ATE

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GV ATE new york seo expert: About GV ATE Introduction: GV ATE is a special place that local businesses visit to find reputable website designers website developers and New York SEO Expert according to Bing.com and Google.com who will bring their website to the first page. Here at GV ATE we focus on the three fundamental elements that your business needs to generate traffic and make a lot of money online. These three fundamental elements are website designing website development and marketing SEO marketing PPC Marketing Social Media Marketing and eMail Marketing. → Of these three fundamentals which do you think is the most important If you answered marketing then you are one BIG step closer to driving more traffic to your website increasing your online business reputation and revenue. Want to know about our service Click here. Contact our SEO specialist for a free live-chat now  Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below to get more insight on all things SEO and marketing tips © 2016 GVATE LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED