Divorces Don’t Always End in Distress


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When you feel that your marriage is heading towards its end, then know that Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances are here to help you. They are here to help keep the scoreboard in your favor. He wants to represent you, not for your money, but because everyone deserves a fair battle for justice. Call at 954-533-2756 for free initial consultation.


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Divorces Don’t Always End in Distress

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Why Do Couples Get Divorced No Individual Identity Lack of Intimacy Marrying for the Wrong Reasons No Shared Vision Expectations That are Never Met No Conflict Resolution

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Two Kinds of Divorce There are two kinds of divorces: uncontested and contested. Uncontested divorces are the easier of the two. Uncontested means that you and your partner are typically amicable at dividing up your assets and finances. Contested divorces are the opposite. This is when you and your spouse are having a hard time dealing with the divorce. This could be for many reasons. Maybe you or your spouse aren’t ready to divorce yet. There are so many other curve balls when it comes to divorce but rest assured Divorce Attorneys at the Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances in Fort Lauderdale are here to help keep the scoreboard in your favor.

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Uncontested Vs Contested These two kinds of divorces are interchangeable in the sense that one can start a certain way but end another. The easiest kind of divorce is uncontested. This means that each partner is aware and willing to divorce they have their assets set apart and are willing to work with each other. They provide a flat fee for this kind of divorce. Uncontested is more challenging and therefore can be more costly. This kind of divorce means more litigation to untangle the assets as well as any child custody issues.

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Why Hire an Attorney Divorce Attorneys at the Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances in Fort Lauderdale are ready to give you the best representation during this process. They understand that any time someone engages with legal counsel they want you to feel like you are at home and welcomed. They want you to feel comfortable and confident talking to us about any situation surrounding your divorce. They know that divorce is more than just a break –up. Divorce means property division child support child custody time sharing of the child alimony and more. They are equipped to represent you during this emotional time in your life.

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Attorney Answers Divorce-Related Questions They know the challenges of divorce. They have been serving the Fort Lauderdale community successfully due to the three promises: accessibility knowledge and affordability. You can access divorce attorneys 24hrs a day they have intimate knowledge of the court system as well as the law and They do the best to keep the prices affordable. They want to represent you not for your money but because everyone deserves a fair battle for justice. Lets them fight for you. As with all legal problems you need to seek assistance Gustavo E. Frances especially when it comes to debt and divorce.

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Contact For Legal Help 954-533-2756 954-297-6546 200 SE 6th St 402 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 Website: https://www.lauderdaledefense.com/Contact.shtml

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