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If you are charged in crime, it is important to speak to a legal professional who can properly explain your options. The legal professionals at the Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances are always ready to help. Gustavo E. Frances is a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney who represents people in family law and criminal law matters, like divorce, child support and other issues as well as those facing drug crimes and DUI.


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Law Office of Gustavo E Frances PA Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Founded by Gustavo E Frances 2005

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Gustavo E. Frances Location: Fort Lauderdale FL - Phone: 954 703-4207 866 435-4172 Toll Free - Email: E-mail Me AREAS OF PRACTICE 50 - Criminal Law 30 - Foreclosures 10 - Family Law 10 - Contracts EDUCATION ● J.D. ● Honors: With Honors ● Honors: Moot Court ● B.A. – 2002 ● Major: Criminal Justice ● Major: Transfer He utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to family allow and can provide clients with the following legal services: Criminal Law Matter Family Law Matter.

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AN ATTORNEY WHO KNOWS THE LOCAL SYSTEM Before starting his own law practice he spent three years in the public defender’s office. During this time he handled hundreds of criminal defense cases from misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. He knows the Fort Lauderdale court system and how to fight hard for you in court. Today he is a criminal defense attorney and representing clients facing a range of criminal charges: ● DUI/drunk driving charges ● Drug Possession Sale Drug Manufacture and Delivery ● Domestic Violence Charges ● Firearms Charges and other Violent Crimes ● Sex Offenses ● Juvenile Offenses ● Charges of Theft or Burglary ● Other Crimes Gustavo E Frances also help clients with probation issues those who have received Restraining Orders and those who are looking to clear their records through Expungement.

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Aggressive Weapons Charge Defense Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale Weapons Charge Defense Attorney Fort Lauderdale

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Serious Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Sex Crime Defense Attorney

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Ft Lauderdale Theft Defense Attorney The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances P.A Theft Defense Attorney

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Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Fort Lauderdale DUI

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WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION When you come to The Law Office Of Gustavo E Frances PA for an initial consultation I will obtain a copy of your police report and discuss with you any and all allegations against you and I will also speak with you regarding the statutes and case law relevant to your case. At the very minimum your consultation will better educate you concerning all important aspects relating to your case. Consultations are always free and confidential. DEDICATED. TRUSTED. ACCESSIBLE. CALL ME TODAY. You can reach contact online or toll free at 866-435-4172 to schedule a free initial consultation. The Law Office Of Gustavo E Frances PA is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Their Office is conveniently located across the street from the main courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Parking is available. I also serve clients in Miami and Palm Beach.

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CONTACT US Gustavo E Frances 954-297-6546 Toll Free - 1-866-435-4172 Working Hour : Monday to Friday - 8:30AM to 5PM Address - 200 SE 6th St 402 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 Website -

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