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Difference Between Barbed Wiring And Razor Wiring If you are planning on putting fencing around your house or any other place you may be confused as to which kind of fencing you want to go for. Mainly there are two types of fencing wires the barbed wire and the razor wire. If you looking for ​Razor Wire Suppliers or barbed wire manufactures we make for a good choice. Choosing a wire for your fencing needs depends mostly on the kind of property you want to protect. Mostly fencing is provided for a property and for the humans and valuables that are present on the property. Both barbed wires as well as razor wires

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provide for such security. However before making a choice keep the following differences in mind. Difference between barbed wire and razor wire Barbed Wire: Barbed wire is a fencing material and has pointed barbs or sharp edges at regular intervals. It is the most common material used worldwide for fencing purposes. Anyone trying to get over the wiring can get injured and is a very inexpensive wire. Razor Wire: Similar to barbed wire razor wires are also fencing material and have sharp edges blades which unlike barbed wire

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are made of stainless steel. This kind of fencing is therefore more expensive than barbed wire fencing. Razor fencing can also injure a person more than a barbed wire when trying to trespass. Now that you are aware of the differences between barbed wire and razor wire and are looking to buy anyone we are razor wire suppliers as well as barbed wire manufactures and will be able to provide you with the best quality fencing material that will be in accordance to your needs and at good prices. CONTACT US Address: ​ No. 17/18 G. I. D. C. Rangaipura Gam Petlad - 388 450 District - Anand Gujarat India Mobile Number ​: +91 9879148505 E-Mail ID: ​naineshsonigurukrupawires.com Website: ​ ​http://www.gurukrupawires.com