Important AI Trends That Will Change Project Management


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Here are the important ai trends that will change the project management. To know more about ai in project management, visit


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Here we will go through some upcoming AI trends that will transform project management. ● Repetitive Task Elimination through AI: According to research administrative tasks eat 54 of an executive-level and middle-level manager’s time that will change to 25 after AI will start doing most of the administrative work. Project managers will be left free to do other higher value project-related tasks when AI starts doing repetitive tasks. ● Decision-Making through Machine Learning: Machine learning contributes to better decision-making on different levels of a project. According to PMI’s Global Project Management Survey 41 of projects were rated highly complex. Machines can achieve decision-making consistency more easily than humans. Machine learning can help understand the process risks and outcomes of highly complex projects that further aids in decision-making and productivity.

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● AI for Risk Management and Project Analysis: Past two years have witnessed the great rise of AI in project management and this will continue as some industries are yet to make greater use of it. AI’s escalating accuracy of predicting potential risks will aid in a project’s success. Project risks can affect your project budget timeline or performance. You can identify prioritize plan and respond to the risks not yet happened through project risk management using AI tools. AI PM tools can effectively boost productivity across projects in all industries. The rise of AI in the above-mentioned trends will soon take over the project management industry and change it for good.

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