Evangelism and Church Growth: Global Church Growth (Part 2)

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Lectures address: ~ How does the church grow? ~ What impedes church growth and what can be done about it? ~ How healthy is the church?


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How Does the Church Grow?:

How Does the Church Grow? Types of Church Growth Biological Growth Transfer Growth Conversion Growth Spheres of Evangelism E-0, E-1, E-2, E-3 Evangelism Strategies of Evangelism Presence Evangelism Proclamation Evangelism Persuasion Evangelism

The Engel Scale:

The Engel Scale -8 Awareness of a supreme being, but no effective knowledge of the Gospel -7 Initial awareness of the Gospel -6 Awareness of the fundamentals of the Gospel -5 Grasp of the implications of the Gospel -4 Positive attitude toward the Gospel -3 Personal problem recognition -2 Decision to act -1 Repentance and faith in Christ The person is regenerated and becomes a new creature. +1 Post-decision evaluation +2 Incorporation into the body +3 A lifetime of conceptual and behavioral growth in Christ

What Impedes Church Growth and What Can Be Done About It?:

What Impedes Church Growth and What Can Be Done About It? Spiritual Barriers Sociological Barriers Racial Barriers Linguistic Barriers Class Barriers Age Barriers “Homogeneous Unit” “People Movement”

How Healthy is the Church?:

How Healthy is the Church? Eight Qualities of a Healthy Growing Church ~ Christian A. Schwarz Four Additional Qualities of a Biblically Healthy Church ~ Gene Getz and Joe Wall Seven Vital Signs of Growing Churches in America ~ C. Peter Wagner