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GreenServ is the leading medical waste management company in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. We provide secure medical waste disposal services, biohazardous waste removal services and offer OSHA Compliance training


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Medical Waste Removal and Other Ways for Hospitals to Be Green:

Medical Waste Removal and Other Ways for Hospitals to Be Green BEST FOR You Medical Waste Management

Proper medical waste disposal is possibly one of the biggest concerns.:

Proper medical waste disposal is possibly one of the biggest concerns.

Medical Waste Disposal & Management :

Medical Waste D isposal & Management

Bio hazardous Waste Disposal :

Studies show that U.S hospitals alone produce over 6,600 tons of medical waste a day. More than half of the waste isn't even hazardous waste . It's made up of paper, cardboard, food, glass, and plastic. Many of these items can easily be recycled and reused. Teach your staff to separate any recyclable items and purchase specific containers for them . 4 Bio hazardous Waste Disposal


5 When it comes time for choosing medical waste services, you should only be choosing companies that practice environmentally-safe procedures. These medical waste services can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and emissions. A company that uses an incinerator is by far the worst to choose because it releases carcinogens into the air. Carefully research your companies

Some Other For Ways Hospital to be Green:

6 Some Other For Ways Hospital to be Green According to the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, about 30% of the health industry's energy can be reduced by switching to more efficient energy sources . The Energy Star program actually does free energy audits for health care facilities . They can provide you with plenty of information and advice about ways your building can save . There are also simple steps that employees can take such as turning off machines not in use and checking hot water systems for leaks . One hospital in Boston has actually banned the use of latex gloves and 75% of the building is exposed to natural light .


7 A lot of small changes can add up to make one big difference. Imagine how great the world would be if every person and every industry made an effort to go green. With better medical waste disposal, toxic-free cleaners, and improvements to the building, your hospital can be on the right path to a greener future .

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8 Large Image f For responsible  medical waste disposal , and medical waste management, hospitals and medical offices trust  to provide thorough disinfection without significant environmental impact

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