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Introduction to My Channel:

Introduction to My Channel Baby Girl Prepper


Intentions This is my new channel, I was previously known as GetMoneyTheKid . My intentions for this video are to let people know ahead of time what to expect from my future videos My intentions for this channel are to help and teach people in a variety of ways.

Who am I?:

Who am I? Just a college student who has dreams of one day being self reliant. I garden, bake, and write as my primary sources of income. I’m here to help and teach people as others helped and taught me. I take a lot of knowledge from the youtube preppers and now I want to give something back.

What You’ll See on My Channel:

What You’ll See on My Channel Prepping Tips and Techniques (Budget Friendly Always!) Living Frugally/Basic Living Survival Tips and Techniques Saving money, etc. Self Reliance Tips and Techniques Gardening Sewing and Crocheting And most likely a whole lot more!

Upcoming Series on My Channel:

Upcoming Series on My Channel Coupons of the Week (frugal living) $20.00 Weekly Preps Recycling Session (weekly) (Trash to treasure) My indoor and outdoor garden updates, etc. My personal prepping style and techniques Weekly discussions about various topics (guns, livestock, etc. And a whole mess of other stuff!


When From this day forward I intend to do videos at least once or twice a week (maybe more to start out with). I make prepping a lifestyle and a habit. I make it a daily goal to learn or do something new or something old more efficiently, perhaps I will take youtube along for the ride.


Where For now this is just a youtube thing, but if the response goes well, I may do some blog tv or something.


Why As stated before I couldn’t be more grateful to the other preppers on Youtube . I thought if I had enough food and knew how to boil water that I would be just fine when hard times fell upon the world… Now I know it’s much more than that.


How I think about everything from a budget perspective. Prepping does not have to be expensive and I intend to show you how. I’m also a very organized/structured person. I tend to create a plan first then work the plan.


So… All in all I just want to give back and share what I’ve learned. If you subscribe that’s great but more than anything I want you to learn something. I want to have a positive impact. This is just my introduction to the channel. I look forward to making lots of videos, teach, and learn. Thanks!

The End :

The End If you have any questions, comments, or concerns… let me know. I check youtube daily so I’m here to help! *I could use some help getting the audio to work on my cameras, if anyone knows how to help me out with I’d really appreciate it. Until then, It’s going to be lots of pictures and cheesy powerpoints . Thanks!