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Dermal filler treatments are required to bring roundness and fullness to your face. Gracia Cutis led by the top dermatologist in Kolkata provides the best dermal filler treatment.


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WHAT IS DERMAL FILLER? Dermal Filler Treatment gives roundness and fullness to the features of your face. Facial features may get affected due to age and other factors like exposure to sun, heredity and lifestyle factors. Dermal Fillers are in the form of botulinum toxin injections. These are gel like substances that are injected beneath the skin. Dermal fillers restore the youthfulness and radiance of facial features.

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BENEFITS OF DERMAL FILLER A Dermal Filler Treatment gives many benefits to the face such as – For thin lips, dermal fillers helps to create a plump appearance . Dermal fillers enhance the shallow contours of the skin. Helps to rebuild contour deformities of the face. Assist in decreasing the shadow caused by the lower lip. Dermal fillers also improve symmetry among facial features.

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WHY GRACIA CUTIS? Gracia Cutis is a skin, aesthetic and laser clinic in Kolkata, aimed at helping patient’s achieve the perfect skin and facial features the way they desire. Under the guidance of the most renowned dermatologist in Kolkata, Dr. Rajib Roy, Gracia Cutis has emerged to be the best clinic for dermal fillers treatment. At Gracia Cutis, the expert team and advanced technology have helped patients look beautiful from within, while maintaining glow outside as well.

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CONTACT DETAILS Address - 1199, Purbachal Main Rd, Shanti Pally , South Purbachal , Haltu , Kolkata, West Bengal 700078 Email ID - [email protected] Website - Contact Number - 9831482512