Energy Management System


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An Energy Management System is any digital aided method of conserving energy. One such method is to use IoT Data Analytics applications to track energy consumption. It can perform various functions such as predict downtime of electronic equipment, determine energy-wasting equipments and more.


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Energy Management System:

Energy Management System

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement There is a growing advent of Microgrid development Companies which aim at creating a sustainable and economic ecosystem for energy consumption. However, Rising Energy prices are a significant deterrent to developing commercial microgrids. An efficient Energy Management System can significantly lower Energy Prices . A Big Data Analytics Solution can effectively monitor and analyze energy consumption , to provide the user with deep insights that lead to Energy Management.

Business Solution:

Business Solution Let's assume there are certain Light poles and ATM Machines in a particular locality which need to be monitored for energy efficiency . These units can be fitted with sensors that collect data about their daily energy consumption , repairs, malfunctions, etc. By processing so much data about every power consuming unit, the concerned party can easily implement corrective measures to control energy consumption.

Data Insights:

Data Insights Real-Time Analytics Light units that are functioning during the day Air Conditioning Units are running inside ATM counters beyond necessary hours. Predictive Analytics Which light units will need to be replaced in near future Which light units will consume more electricity than others Based on the result of this Analytics, this Solution can help a Client take required actions to Reduce Energy Consumption

Business Benefit:

Business Benefit By implementing such  a solution, a Microgrid developer company could reap the following benefits: Save 25-30% Energy in just one year. $10 Mn was saved regarding Energy Costs Overhead Costs for the company came down by 9.48% The company now wishes to implement this solution over a broader geographic base.

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