IIoT pumping solution for mining


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IoT Monitoring System For Intelligent Pumps Mining can lead to business benefits such as cost savings in business processes, improve production efficiency, better asset utilization, Predictive maintenance, and improved safety


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IIoT Pumping Solutions for Mining.:

IIoT Pumping Solutions for Mining.


Introduction Industrial Internet of Things IIoT is the application of IoT to the manufacturing Industry. “70% of Mining businesses say IIoT is essential to gaining a competitive edge”. Pump maintenance and failure are substantial contributors to overhead costs in mining. IIoT software can help improve mining pumps to give significant benefits.

Damage causing Agents:

Damage causing Agents Pumps in Mining deal with : Corrosive elements : This can lead to abrasion and damage of pumping equipment. Pumping Solids : This leads to equipment downtime thus decreasing asset utilization. Heat: Due to low water levels in the liquid being pumped, overheating damages pumps.

Benefits of IIoT Pumping solutions for Mining::

Benefits of IIoT Pumping solutions for Mining: Predictive Maintenance: By detecting vital parameters such as temperature and pressure equipment failures and maintenance requirements can be predicted. Increase Asset Utilization: The high degree of accuracy, in terms of utilization, helps mining businesses understand operating efficiencies to optimize asset utilization. Energy and Cost Benefits: Detailed electricity and resource consumption trends help save energy and operation cost because of real time data reporting. Standardized Work process : IIoT integration helps build new and highly agile and standardized operation processes due to clear visibility and accountability.

Technology solution:

Technology solution

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