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Cooperative Extension – NIOSH Ag Centers Southern Region Farm Safety Symposium Report on Texas Cooperative Extension Farm Safety Program Activities


Mission: Provide quality, relevant, outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people of Texas. Serves all 254 counties; contains 248 county extension offices 248 CEA’s – Agriculture and Natural Resources 216 CEA’s – Family and Consumer Sciences 88 CEA’s – 4-H and Youth Development 22 CEA’s – Horticulture 26 CEA’s – Marine, Urban Youth Development, Health, Nutrition, Family Development, Natural Resources More than 1400 Texas Cooperative Extension Employees Texas 1890 Institution – Cooperative Extension Program at Prairie View A&M University


Mission: Deliver researched based, informal education focused on identified issues and needs to Texans with primarily limited resource, diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Staff includes 35 headquarters and 40 county level employees Program has a presence in all seven major urban centers in Texas. CEP staff present in 11 of 12 Texas Extension Districts. Cooperative Extension Program


Panhandle 1 South Plains 2 Rolling Plains 3 Regional Safety Issues Tractor/Machinery Irrigation Chemical/Pesticide


North 4 Central 8 East 5 Regional Safety Issues Animal Tractor Highway Safety Fire


Southeast 9 Costal Bend 11 South 12 Regional Safety Issues Tractor/Machinery Migrant Workers Irrigation Chemical/Pesticides


West Central 7 Southwest 10 Far West 6 Regional Safety Issues Tractor/Machinery Migrant Workers Irrigation Chemical/Pesticides Animal


Texas County Population 2000 Population ~ 22 million 83% of population live in 25 counties

Race & Ethnicity Percentages: 

Race & Ethnicity Percentages Source: Texas State Data Center.


Net Migration Change 1990-2000

Overview of Texas Agriculture: 

Overview of Texas Agriculture #1 in number of farms (123,000) #1 in total land in farms (131 million acres) #1 in livestock and commodity sales ($9.3 billion) #2 in overall agricultural commodities ($13.8 billion) 68% of all Texas farms ranged from $1,000 to $9,999 in gross value of agricultural products sold. Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service. 2002 Data.


Percent Employed in Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations

Overview of Texas Agricultural Safety: 

Overview of Texas Agricultural Safety 35 to 40 agricultural deaths per year 9.7 fatalities per 100,000 employees (ranks 4th) Farming accounted for more than 86% of total agricultural fatalities in 2001. Source: Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission. 2001.


All Causes of Deaths: 204 Source: CDC – DHHS/NIOSH Pub. No. 2001-131


Contact Gender Distribution for FY2003 - Statewide NOTE: 67% of all contacts Included Youth

Contact Distribution by Race for FY2003 - Statewide: 

Contact Distribution by Race for FY2003 - Statewide


Major Issues Addressed at 133 Documented FY2003 Farm Safety Events – Statewide * Includes (41) pesticide applicators trainings. ** Includes (7) worker protection trainings.

North Region Profile: 

Panhandle 1 South Plains 2 Rolling Plains 3 29% of all State Contacts 45% female 75% youth Non-White Contacts 90% Hispanic 9% Black Issues Addressed 40% Multiple 30% Chemical 9% Machinery North Region Profile

East Region Profile: 

Panhandle 1 South Plains 2 Rolling Plains 3 44% of all State Contacts 39% female 70% youth Non-White Contacts 58% Black 35% Hispanic Issues Addressed 42% Multiple 22% Chemical 15% Machinery East Region Profile North 4 Central 8 East 5


Panhandle 1 South Plains 2 Rolling Plains 3 16% of all State Contacts 38% female 49% youth Non-White Contacts 88% Hispanic 11% Black Issues Addressed 67% Chemical 22% Multiple South Region Profile North 4 Central 8 East 5 Southeast 9 Costal Bend 11 South 12


Panhandle 1 South Plains 2 Rolling Plains 3 9% of all State Contacts 43% female 71% youth Non-White Contacts 93% Hispanic 6% Black Issues Addressed 62% Chemical 13% Animal 13% Multiple West Region Profile North 4 Central 8 East 5 Southeast 9 Costal Bend 11 South 12

Youth Programs: 

Youth Programs 20 Progressive Farmer Safety Day Camps 12 Ag Awareness Days 6 Texas 4-H Horse and Animal Clinics Ag & Oil Day Farm & Ranch Day at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital Kids Safe Saturday A Day on the Farm Education Activity Tractor Safety School Safety Town

Adult & Ag. Worker Programs: 

Adult & Ag. Worker Programs 41 Pesticide Applicators Trainings 7 Worker Protection Trainings Texas High Plains Grain Elevator Workshop Stored Grain Workshop Prescribed Burn Demonstration Skin Cancer Prevention Workshop Work Site Stress Prevention Cherokee County Farm Bureau Convention Herbicide Handling Workshop

Extension Partners: 

Extension Partners Progressive Farmer Texas Farm Bureau Texas 4-H Texas Safety Association Future Farmers of America County Government, Ag. Producers, Local Businesses, Schools Volunteers

Current and Future Priorities: 

Current and Future Priorities Agriculture Safety Assessment Research, summarize and publish injury and fatality statistics Identify/prioritize relevant safety issues Organize regional farm safety advisor groups Accident and Injury Prevention Improve the database of safety education resources Coordinate with 1890 Cooperative Extension Program and Texas 4-H Texas AgrAbility Project Provide Extension leadership and technical expertise Continuing Education through Distance Learning Seek out and gain approval as a continuing education course provider for appropriate industries, occupations, and trades Develop on-line courses and versatile electronic media for county extension agents and other education professionals

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