European Union Pump Efficiency Regulations for Centrifugal Pumps


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All Centrifugal pumps operating in the European Union need to comply with energy consumption parameters. Any increase from the threshold can lead to heavy fines. Real-time IoT monitoring solutions can help keep performance within expected parameters.


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European Union Pump Efficiency Regulations for Centrifugal Pumps CO2 is a major contributor towards the Green House Effect which refers to the trapping of excess heat in the atmosphere leading to the melting of glaciers and other resultant problems. Electricity production is an important source of CO2 emissions since as much as 65 electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels which produces CO2 as a by product. Keeping this fact in mind the European Union is dedicated to emerging as a climate- friendly region by cutting down power consumption. It was found that pumping equipment especially the ones used for domestic heating fluid transfer municipal water were major electricity/power consumption agents. In fact a preparatory study by EU Commission Regulation says that “ water pumps are placed on the European Union market in large quantities. Their annual electricity consumption amounted to 109 TWh in 2005 corresponding to 50 Mt in CO2 emissions. In the absence of measures to limit this consumption it is predicted that energy consumption will increase to 136 TWh in 2020 .” Thus EU has rolled out the European Union Pump Efficiency Regulations which are applicable to Centrifugal Pumps since these pumps deal in pumping fluids and are one of the most popular pumps for transferring fluids as opposed to positive displacement pumps due to their cost efficiency and ease of deployment. To Read more Click here efficiency-regulations-for-centrifugal-pumps

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