The Evolution of Hip Hop Music in India

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In the beginning, Hip Hop was associated to be an underground music genre which eventually became a popular genre with commercial Hip Hop numbers of Bollywood by the likes of Hard Kaur, Badshah, Honey Singh, and many others.


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slide 1: The Evolution of Hip Hop Music in India EDM aka Electronic Dance Music has been in India for longer as compared to Hip Hop music. The genre Hip Hop music was developed in the US by African-Americans in the 1970s. Hip Hop music has now become a popular music genre in India. With Indian influences combining with Hip Hop music India has become the origin of ‘Desi Hip Hop’. In comparison with Hip Hop music EDMs quickly became popular in India. DJs from across the world have been organising music festivals in India for a long time and why not Most of these EDM music festivals are garnering good to great response from the audience in terms of ticket sales. Moreover Indian DJs too joined this EDM wave by organising local gigs shows and music festivals across India. International DJs like DJ Skrillex and Marshmello DJ easily became the favourites of India. Hip Hop however had never been heard in India for a long time. In fact it took this music genre a few years to become a part of mainstream club music. In the beginning Hip Hop was associated to be an underground music genre which eventually became a popular genre with commercial Hip Hop numbers of Bollywood by the likes of Hard Kaur Badshah Honey Singh and many others. Interestingly in India Hip Hop slowly yet gradually became a strong form of protest amongst the youth which spiked its popularity across India. There’s no denying that the internet has played its role in making Hip Hop a trending music genre everywhere in India. The evolution of Hip Hop music in India was powered by social media as it helped aspiring rappers to share their work with crores of Indians online. Many rappers who are the pioneers of the industry took the Hip Hop scene by storm. With artists including Divine Naezy Khaasi Bloodz Xenon Phoenix Brodha V and Krsna who are common names in the Hip Hop industry of India today. As of 2018 India’s Hip Hop scene is on a phenomenal rise with lots of national and international artists aiming to perform in many Indian cities. With the rise in demand for rap and Hip Hop music many music events in Pune Mumbai Delhi Kolkata and Goa were being organised. Simultaneously EDM music festivals have been on the rise in India for the past decade with many global organisers realising the huge potential in the Indian market. Every popular international DJ has a dedicated set of followers in India who would go any distance to watch their favourite artist perform live on stage. The popular EDM music festivals include Supersonic NH7 Weekender Sunburn Ziro Festival of Music Enchanted Valley Carnival Locals District Music Festival and many more. The most favourite DJ performers of Indian audience comprise of Marshmello DJ Bonobo and David Guetta.

slide 2: Overall the future of Hip Hop music is secured as India’s youth is strongly supporting this music genre. As of 2018 Hip Hop is here to stay in India. With new artists joining the Hip Hop wave India’s Desi Hip Hop will soon churn out unique and interesting Hip Hop music by collaborating with rap artists.

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