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Tron Legacy is a performance art inspired from the famous science fiction movie Tron. Steven Lisberger direction has inspired millions of dance groups in India to take up Tron Dance.


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A dance form TRON LEGACY


tron Tron is a 1982 Hollywood Science Fiction Action movie. It was written and directed by Steven Lisberger and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The Sci-fi movie stars Jeff Bridge as a computer programmer who gets transported inside the world of softwares . The movie had become a vogue and now a legacy. We will talk about how it effectively influenced the Performance Arts industry.

Tron legacy:

Tron legacy From ' Tron'comes the ' Tron Legacy', a performance art taking giant leaps towards popularity. The dance form involves a perfect amalgamation of dance and technology, inspired by the director's remarkable approach to science fiction. The flawless concoction of costume and gleaming LEDs leaves the viewer with a great experience. The transition of a Science fiction to a performace art is absolutely mesmerizing.

Tron technicalities:

Tron technicalities Tron dance requires perfect knowledge of music and electronic equipment like LEDs and switches to help the costume lit up and dim on cue. Lighting and Camera angles need perfection to help the audience gain best experience. The choice of music has to be perfect. Dance moves need to be synchronized with the music. More and more rehearsals need to be done to get the act perfected.

Tron dance in india:

Tron dance in india LED Tron Dance is in Asia as well. India, a developing nation, has shown great promise for the dance form. Major corporate events and dance shows can see an encouraging number of dance groups performing Tron . Reality TV dance shows now welcome this dance form with open arms. More and more dance group in Delhi like Glowdiators are taking up Tron Dance professionally and becoming successful at it.


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