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Glowdiators - Best LED Tron Dance Company India, is known for its unique and distinctive dance genre 'Led Tron Dance'. It has performed at various corporate and college events. Not just that, it has also performed on various reality TV dance shows. Glowdiators services include Customized Tron Dance, Wedding Choreography, Regular in-studio Dance Classes and Online Dance Classes.


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TRON DANCE LED Tron Dance happens to be one of the most powerful and appealing dance form of all. Tron Dance uses the most amazing amalgamation of dance and technology, giving the viewers a thrilling and extraordinary experience Through the implementation of electronic music, the performance achieves a robotic touch.


TRON DANCE IN INDIA Even the Asian Countries have not been spared by the rising popularity of Led Tron Dance. To create a positive opinion about such a unique dance form, various Dance groups in Delhi have been working very hard. Glowdiators , a Dance Company India, has utilised the huge popularity of Tron Dance to its advantage and are reaping the rewards by performing at various events .


SCOPE This dance form has achieved its ever increasing buzz through being performed at popular dance shows and corporate events. People have been giving positive feedbacks when it comes to Tron Led Dance since this dance form has turned out to have a big fan base which consequently encourages dance groups to perform such a unique art .


FUTURE Various performance artists have recognised Tron as the future of dance since its uniqueness has baffled the people all over the world. This proves that dance forms which have achieved popularity in the western part of the world can be made popular in countries like India as well. The increasing number of fan base of Led Tron Dance in India is unfathomable.


TECHICALITIES OF LED TRON DANCE Tron Dance requires the understanding of small electronic devices like Led and switches in order to give the performance its glowing touch. Lights and Camera angles has to be perfected to help the audience enjoy the show completely. The choice of electronic music has to be perfect since the dance moves have to synchronised with the music. Music can make or break the performance. Dance groups pay special attention while selecting the track.


PERFECTION IS THE KEY Perfection is the key when we talk about performance arts. To achieve a one hundred percent synchronised performance, dance groups should be doing more and more rehearsals. Alike any other dance forms, it is quite common for dance groups to forget the dance moves or lose the touch. Tron Led Dance requires a lot of practice sessions. Well, Practice Makes Perfect.


GLOWDIATORS GLOWDIATORS, a dance company I ndia , is a remarkable dance group which has established itself in to the dance industry of India. Glowdiators has paved the path for new budding tron dance groups in India. Because of its unconventionals and unprecedented dance moves and performances, Glowdiators has a huge space in the heart of the Indian Audiences.


GLOWDIATORS SERVICES We provide Customized Event Live Performance at different corporate events and college events. We provide Wedding Choreography to ensure your wedding day becomes memorable. We provide Personal Dance Classes to kids and adults. We provide Online Classes which has dance tutorials to help people learn how to dance at the comfort of their homes.

THANK YOU Contact Us at Call Us : +91-9871052032:

THANK YOU Contact Us at Call Us : +91-9871052032

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