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FREE Alternative Opiate Addiction Treatment Utilizing Natural And Herbal Remedies.Standard Recovery Options and Treatment Efficacy.Herbal Remedies and Kratom


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FREE Alternative Opiate Addiction Treatment :

FREE A lternative O piate A ddiction Treatment Utilizing Natural And Herbal Remedies to Recover Opiates and Addiction

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Part 1: Preparation The Purpose of this GUIDE is to present the truth about the various treatments currently in practice in an effort to inform and educate the addicted and those who love them.

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In the domain of Drug A ddiction , there is a family of narcotics that has developed a reputation that no other substance can match. Opiates and their derivatives have ensnared countless users in a cycle of addiction so powerful that attempts to kick the habit can end in death. Today, there are more options available for opiate addiction treatment than ever before. Some of these methods are well-known but less successful than popularly believed; some of them have proven efficacy but the public at large has scarcely even heard of them.

Opiates: The Tragic History   :

Opiates: The Tragic History  

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Opium was initially used as a medicine to treat almost any type of pain. Over time, various techniques were developed for the purpose of purifying, concentrating and enhancing raw opium . As a result, opium became gradually more alluring as a relaxant , hallucinogen and as an escape from the harshness of reality . As years passed, the development of derivative substances called opiates became equally widespread, resulting in the creation of drugs such as heroin, codeine and morphine. From isolated beginnings, the fierce grip of opiate addiction began to encompass mankind in every country and on every continent .  

Addiction: The Nature of the Beast   :

Addiction : The Nature of the Beast   Do Want to Change Your Life? Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Addiction

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The addiction that stems from opiate use is legendary among users, the public and the medical community alike. The nearly mythical power of opiates has been detailed in literature, poetry, music and film. It is not without good reason that opiates have garnered such a reputation.  

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Few psychological and physiological conditions have been studied as exhaustively as addiction. Typically, opiate dependence is most prevalent in people with at least one other psychiatric problem. This is due to the fact that opiates lessen the effects of anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking or self-loathing.    

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Recovery: Hope for the Future

The insidious nature of opiate addiction is revealed in the fact that the majority of addicts cannot even begin to understand the severity of their condition. :

The insidious nature of opiate addiction is revealed in the fact that the majority of addicts cannot even begin to understand the severity of their condition.

Their addiction clouds their judgment until they become incapable of realizing, without external support, that they need help and that such help exists at all. In the depths of addiction, there is seemingly little room for hope.     :

Their addiction clouds their judgment until they become incapable of realizing, without external support, that they need help and that such help exists at all. In the depths of addiction, there is seemingly little room for hope.    

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The extensive amount of research that has been conducted in an effort to understand addiction has produced a wide array of treatments, each with its own unique approach and success rate. Regardless of a particular method's efficacy, no progress towards the resolution of the addiction problem can be made without a firm commitment on the part of the addict to a personal recovery plan. VERY TRUE………………………………………………….!!!

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COMMIT The Importance of a Personal Commitment to a Recovery Plan   YOURSELF

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It is vital to remember that addicts are enduring an experience that is difficult to understand. It can be incredibly difficult for an addict to tear their focus away from the pain caused by opiate withdrawal. Each addict can benefit greatly from help being extended to them. That help can bring them to an understanding of the hope of recovery.

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With help, addicts can design a recovery plan that takes into consideration their individual needs and goals. Because no two people are alike, no two recovery plans will be exactly the same. The more personalized a recovery plan is, the easier it will be to follow. This is extremely important because, when someone commits themselves fully to a personal journey towards recovery, their chances of success multiply. J ourney T owards R ecovery ,

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Standard Recovery Options & Treatment Efficacy

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Several options for the treatment of and recovery from opiate addiction have become widespread enough to be considered default methods. Many courts of law that prosecute drug possession or distribution cases order the defendant to enroll in one of these standard treatment programs by default. This is one of the greatest problems with the modern addiction recovery paradigm. 12 Step Programs/Narcotics Anonymous This type of program has gained the most recognition as the methodology at the core of Alcoholics Anonymous

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12 step programs are perhaps the most familiar of all treatment programs. There are 12 step programs for virtually any addictive or dependent behavior. AA requires its members to assume responsibility for circumstances beyond their control, ordering them to believe that they are incapable of healing from their addiction without the AA Program

Narcotics Anonymous   :

Narcotics Anonymous  

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Narcotics Anonymous is one of the largest groups that follow the AA model. Contrary to what popular perception may lead the uninitiated to believe, the 12 step model is fraught with problems. The success rates of this method are nowhere near what some might expect. In fact, according to AA's own statistics, the success rate for this program is lower than that of spontaneous remission. This means that addicts are more likely to quit opiates on their own than they are to quit in the program.

Rehabilitation Centers   :

Rehabilitation Centers  

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Rehabilitation centers are frequently as UNSUCCESSFUL as 12 step programs. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? W H Y ? WHY? WHY?

Methadone/Pharmaceutical Opiates Treatment   :

Methadone/Pharmaceutical Opiates Treatment  

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Many rehabilitation centers and treatment dispensaries use methadone as a replacement for uncontrolled doses of opiates that addicts may take. In theory, this is a sound methodology because it prevents addicts from going into potentially fatal withdrawal while ensuring that they will not take an amount sufficient to cause an overdose. The intrinsic flaw with this method is that it treats opiate addiction with opiates. It is far too easy for addicts to get more methadone than the required dose and the cycle of addiction is not broken.

Alternatives to Standard Treatments   :

Alternatives to Standard Treatments   There is a revolution among the opiate addiction treatment community. Free counseling, recovery groups that do not conform to the failed AA ideology and herbal treatments are all now viable options to help people heal from opiate addiction.  

Free Counseling   :

Free Counseling   Free counseling is available in virtually any location throughout the country. Most major cities have free counseling programs available and many of them provide services to outlying communities as well. This type of counseling avoids the staggering costs of rehab and the ineffective emotional trauma of 12 step groups. FREE Counseling addresses the psychological and emotional issues that drive people to self-medicate with opiates in the first place.  

Peer-to-Peer Groups   :

Peer-to-Peer Groups   Peer-to-peer groups provide addicts with an outlet for the pain they have suffered at the hands of opiate addiction. These groups provide a non judgmental atmosphere that does not include the public shaming found at Narcotics Anonymous. It allows addicts to see the hope offered by people who have overcome addiction and understand the lessons they have learned.  

Herbal Remedies and Kratom   :

Herbal Remedies and Kratom  

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Kratom is a plant that originated in Thailand and has been used for hundreds of years for pain relief. In recent times, researchers have discovered that kratom relieves the pain, suffering and delirium associated with acute opiate withdrawal symptoms. This low-cost, widely available herb is unregulated in most countries and is far safer than consumption of pharmaceuticals.

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Kratom treatment can be supplemented with natural vitamins and a whole foods diet. Many addicts suffer from malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and poor appetites that do not provide them with the physical constitution necessary to kick an opiate habit. By healing their body, they can heal their mind, preparing them both physically and mentally for the painful effects of withdrawal.

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Preparing for Withdrawal There is no guaranteed way to totally prepare for the experience of opiate withdrawal. However, there are solid steps to be taken that are proven to make the experience bearable. It is first necessary for the addict to be encouraged to seek help by someone who understands what opiate addiction is like. After that has been achieved, the addicted person can be shown the value of recovery by attending or being invited to a free counseling session. Addicted individuals are often wary of religious programs like Narcotics Anonymous and cannot afford rehab.

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Free counseling is offered by many colleges and non-profit organizations. These groups can lead a person in recovery towards peer-to-peer groups that will promote the value of recovery. Here, a recovering person can discover the hope that will maintain their commitment to a personal recovery plan. By following a treatment regimen of proper kratom usage, a healthy diet and regular group therapy, the painful edge of withdrawal can be dulled. With all of these powerful instruments and tools in place, the addict can make the first step away from the endless cycle of opiate addiction. They can hold onto these things as they face the experience of withdrawal. More to Come – Check out the LATEST Presentation on Slideshare . Get Free Gift Coupon – Email US or Visit us

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