Ways to Volunteer After Returning Home From a Volunteer Abroad Trip

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Most of the people come back from volunteering with a great experience and again wish to volunteer back. These are the ways to volunteer after returning home from the volunteer abroad trip. One can join mission humanitaire ( http://www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org ) to have a unique experience in volunteering with NGO shammesh.


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Volunteers come home changed by their experience with a deep passion and connection to their host community. Coming home doesnt mean that relationship has ended. Here are given some ideas to make most out of your experience by continuing to support your volunteer project and community after your return. Source: www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org

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• Share your personal story to help the people and the organization where you volunteered. • Find the right audience to get your story out. • Share your photos post them on a blog magazines contests art galleries etc.

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• Recognizing the needs of communities abroad and then coming up with ideas to help is inspiring. • Using this inspiration to start a nonprofit is a great way to support a cause.

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• Keep in touch with the people you meet abroad. • From other international volunteers to locals you met people at organizations you volunteered with anyone can support each other.

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• Maybe you helped fight poverty and economic inequality in Africa. Even though it may be on a much smaller scale these problems do exist in other countries too. • Educate yourself on what you can do to eradicate poverty in your own town will give you more experience in the field.

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• Most of the people who experience volunteer abroad get a common feeling to experience again. • After going through the experience once its much easier to plan the next time around and make the next one better. Source: www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org

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