Amazonia - exploiting the rainforest

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Examining the impact of human activity on the Amazonian rainforest


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Brilliant - I have downloaded for my next term's Y7 - many thanks

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Amazonia – The Rainforest : 

Amazonia – The Rainforest Study the set of photos which follow – all were taken in the Amazon Rainforest area of north-west Brazil. For each photo, write down your thoughts – it could be words, short phrases or a whole sentence or two. Think about what you can see in the photos and in some cases, think carefully about what is happening and what it means for the rainforest. If you are unsure what a photo shows simply describe it using a few words.

Questions for discussion : 

Questions for discussion What would you find if you visited the natural rainforest ? Is all human influence on the rainforest bad? Why are some humans destroying the rainforest? What is lost when the rainforest is destroyed or changed? How are the native Amerindians affected by all the changes?

Slide 3: 

What is the natural rainforest like?

Slide 8: 

What are humans doing to the rainforest in Brazil?

Slide 15: 

Will the rainforest survive?

Slide 16: 

Deforestation in square miles per year

Amazonia – Rainforest Photos : 

Amazonia – Rainforest Photos Working in pairs, take it in turns to discuss the photos If the other person says something useful that you haven’t thought of, note it down!

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