How to Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Your Lenovo Laptop

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Learn How to Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Your Lenovo Laptop


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How to Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Your Lenovo Laptop:

How to Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Your Lenovo Laptop

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Lenovo is probably the most renowned manufacturing brands for plush laptops as well as desktops. It also manufactures other electronic equipment, though computers from this brand are particularly famous for their exceptional performance as well as durability.

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Products from this maker are poised with many advanced and unique features. Despite that people have to come across technical issues. In many cases, people face slow performance or computer freeze issues. Generally, such things happen due to overheating.

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If your computer gets heated up at rapid scale quite frequently, you can choose to increase CPU fan speed to keep your device safe. For this purpose, you can call Lenovo technical support number . You may also follow steps as mentioned below.

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1. At first, you have to install the latest BIOS update on your laptop. Go to official website of Lenovo and enter the model number of your product to obtain download link for BIOS update. Click on this link to download. Make sure that your internet connection is at its optimal state otherwise download will not be completed properly. An incomplete download can cause hassles in future.

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2. After installing updates, you need to turn off your computer. Wait for few minutes and turn it on again. This time press and hold “ Delete ” key of your keyboard when system is booting.

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3. You have to use directional arrows on your keyboard. First, go to “ System Monitor ” and then hit enter to go to “ Fan Control ”. Now, choose an option that says “CPU Fan Speed Control”.

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4. By default, you shall find that setting is in “ Automatic ” mode. You need to change it to “ Manual ” mode .

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5. Now, you shall be asked to enter fan speed. It is noted that speed level is represented in percentage. That means 100% refers as optimal speed of fans .

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6. Set speed to 100%, if you find frequent heating problem with your device . 7. Save your changes and then hit “ F10 ” key to reboot your system.

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You can dial Lenovo Ireland contact number +353-768887727 anytime if you have further queries with this process. Source

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