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Some audience feedback for My storyboard animatic!

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It was very important to get feedback for my storyboard animatic as it gave me some pointers as to what members of my target audience would and wouldn’t like in my real music video. The animatic was rated generously but it Would have been better to get 5/5 so I knew it was important to take on board the improvement ideas and to accentuate the bits my audience liked best! The narrative was generally understood by all of the five people I questioned, except many people commented on the relevance of the beach, they did not seem to think this tied in well with the other settings.

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All but one of the people I gave my questionnaire to said that the music video would look better in colour. Although one Ryan thought it would look better, I took this into account. But, seeing as females are my target audience and they all said ‘No’ to the black and white idea. I don’t think I will be doing my video in black and white, the colour will also look more natural and thus reflect my chosen genre. Peoples positive responses to using naturalistic settings affirmed using them in my real music video. I thought it was a good idea as many people recognised this as a convention of Indie or folk music videos and they are more likely to enjoy it if they can recognise and relate to it.

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People thought the shots were too long, especially the piano parts, Meg wrote ‘some of the piano shots were too long’ and so I will use more shots of a bigger variety to create visual breaks in my real music video .

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It proved useful to find out what shots people thought would be most effective, Emma thought the best shot would be the big close ups of Birdy, she also said: “The drawing reminded me of the big close-ups they use in real music videos” I want to accentuate the shots my target audience will think will work best, so as a result plan to use more big close ups in my real music video. The others also mentioned how they liked the idea of the crowd shots, when I asked why, they said: “ i t would look professional, exciting and would link to the lyrics”.

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