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Translating Verbal Phrases to Mathematical Expressions Gerald DG Banaag Mathematics 7 Elizabeth Seton School Translating Verbal Phrases to Mathematical Expressions

Essential Questions:

Essential Questions Why is it essential to have a clear grasp of the language of algebra? Why are algebraic expressions useful? Why do we need to express life patterns and relationships algebraically? How does algebra simplify our daily living? How significant is the acquisition of knowledge on basic algebra in problem solving? How does the concept of algebra change the manner of solving math problems? How do symbols enhance one’s communication skills? To what extent do we utilize symbols in communicating various logical concepts and definitions?

What You’ll Learn… ?:

What You’ll Learn… ? KWLH Chart Identify key words and phrases that denote the basic operations Translate verbal phrases to mathematical expressions Translate mathematical expressions to verbal phrases Utilize the language of algebra in representing real-life situations

Self-Assessment Questions:

Self-Assessment Questions Personality Development 1. When was the first time you used symbols to communicate with others? How was the experience? Did you realize that you were doing algebra then? 2. How do you think algebra can help you improve your communication skills? 3. How did you connect the lessons with your personal experiences as a teenager? 4. How do you think these lessons affect your personality and outlook in life? Learning Process 1. How did you learn the lessons on the language of algebra? 2. Which part of the lesson struck you the most? Why?

Connecting to Real Life:

Connecting to Real Life Suppose you have a hundred-peso bill and you buy a pair of socks worth ₱ 45.00. How much change will you receive? What operation did you use to answer the first question? Why? How much change will you get back from ₱ 100.00 if x stands for the amount you spend in pesos?

Connecting to Real Life:

Connecting to Real Life Represent the following situations using any variable: Situation Representation the distance covered by a car number of words typed length of a rectangle radius of a circle two consecutive numbers time spent four times the measure of a side of a square

Basic Operations:

Basic Operations Fill the table with key words and phrases that convey the meaning of the following basic operations: Addition (+) Subtraction (-) Multiplication (x) Division ( )

Key Words that Indicate Addition:

Key Words that Indicate Addition Operation Key Words or Phrases Verbal Phrases Expression Addition plus five plus a number 5 + x add add a number to seven 7 + x added to a number added to 13 13 + x the sum of the sum of 3 and a number 3 + x the total of the total of a number and 23 x + 13 increased by a number increased by 11 x + 11 more than seven more than a number x + 7

Key Words that Indicate Subtraction:

Key Words that Indicate Subtraction Operation Key Words or Phrases Verbal Phrases Expression Subtraction minus a number minus six x – 6 subtract from subtract five from a number x – 5 difference between the difference between 10 and y 10 – y less five less a number 5 – x less than * five less than a number x – 5 decreased by a number decreased by 9 x – 9 diminished by 11 diminished by a number 11 – x take away a number take away 8 x – 8 reduced by a number reduced by 17 x – 17

Key Words that Indicate Multiplication:

Key Words that Indicate Multiplication Operation Key Words or Phrases Verbal Phrases Expression Multiplication times 10 times a number 10x the product of the product of a number and 8 8x multiply multiply a number and 6 6x multiplied by a number multiplied by 15 15x of one-seventh of a number x

Key Words that Indicate Division:

Key Words that Indicate Division Operation Key Words or Phrases Verbal Phrases Expression Division divide divide a number by 3 x  3 divides a number divides 30 30  x divided by a number divided by 9 x  9 the quotient of the quotient of a number and 100 x  100 the ratio of the ratio of 17 to a number 17  x equal amounts of a number separated into 7 equal parts x  7 Per 7 parts per x parts 7  x

Matching Game:

Matching Game Match the verbal expression to their corresponding algebraic expressions A B C D E F G H I x 2 x – 2 2 2 + x 2x x/2 2 – x 2/x x + 2 x 2 2x – 2 A 2 more than a number F square of a number B 2 decreased by a number G twice a number C 2 less than a number H 2 divided by a number D square root of a number I half a number E 2 less than twice a number

Formative Assessment:

Formative Assessment Fist to Five The students use their hand to signal their depth of understanding. A fist means, “I don’t understand any of it,” while all five fingers out means, “I understand it completely.” Students can signal by raising 1, 2, 3, or 4 fingers also. This allows an immediate readjustment with the next section or part of the lesson as needed based on the students’ response.

Formative Assessment:

Formative Assessment Reinforcing Translations Translate the following verbal phrases to mathematical expressions: 1. the sum of a number and 23 2. a number decreased by 22 3. fourteen times a number 4. eleven divides a number 5. fifteen more than a number 6. a number less than twenty-two 7. 19 multiplied by the sum of a number and three 8. the quotient of 25 and the sum of x and 3 9. seventeen added to the difference of a number and 8 10. 5 times c decreased by the product of 11 and d

Formative Assessment:

Formative Assessment Reinforcing Translations Translate the following mathematical expressions to verbal phrases: 1. x + 10 11. y – 7 2. 4 – x 12. y + 3 3. 2x – 5 13. 3b – 70 4. n(n + 4) 14. 5c 3 5. 3x 2 – 1 15. 0.5 – x 2 6. n + 6 16. k – 11 7. h  20 17. 13  b 8. 2x 18. 3x – 4 9. 5(b + 5) 19. x/100 10. (x + 1)(x + 3) 20. 5x – 3y

Life Lessons:

Life Lessons

Summing up:

Summing up Can you share to the class some new terms you learned today? Which definition struck you the most? If you can share a topic that you learned today to a friend, what would it be? Why?

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