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Business tourists Tourism Market 16.10.07: 

Business tourists Tourism Market 16.10.07 Characteristics of business tourism Business tourism in numbers Conference tourists – a typology Evaluation of Aalborg as a meeting destination – end-user perspectiv Gap analysis – different perspections of supply side actors & meeting planners

Why are business tourists attractive?: 

Why are business tourists attractive? Daily expenditure up to three times as high as holiday tourists Often visit at other times of the year – season expansion / utilization of capacity Also come from other geographical markets Different types of business tourists Individual business tourists Sales men, individual meetings, fulfilment of tasks Organised business tourists - MICE Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions


  Figure 2: Leisure tourism versus business tourism Davidson 1994 p.4

European business tourism : 

European business tourism (WTO 2003)


(WTO, 2003)

DK business tourism – turn-over & employees: 

DK business tourism – turn-over & employees   Danmarks Turistråd, TØBBE, in Erhvervsministeriet (2001).


Top international meeting cities International meetings across continents Top international meeting countries (UIA, 2004)


(Therkelsen 2003)

A conference tourist typology: 

A conference tourist typology Ways of participating in tourism activities Adventurous conference tourist: 43% (31 resp.) All-inclusive conference tourist: 30,5% (22 resp.) Work-aholic: 15% (11 resp.) Controlled conference tourist: 11% (8 resp.) (Therkelsen 2003)


Results Majority of conference participants: Combines conferences & tourism activities Participates in arranged excursions with a tourism purpose in mind Are particularly interested in self-organised excursions are primarily culture minded - learning important Are primarily adventurous, secondarily all-inclusive conference tourist (Therkelsen 2003)

Evaluation of destination Aalborg: 

Evaluation of destination Aalborg Negative too small too few experiences not unique too expensive weather too bad Positive quiet place friendly population Primarily characteristics of region/DK in general (Therkelsen 2003)

Business tourism North Jutland 2006 : 

Business tourism North Jutland 2006 Supply study: 111 electronic questionnaires, response rate 39,7% even distribution in rel. to geography & size Demand study: 19 telephone interviews (20 min.) Danish public, private organisations (North Jutland + Central Jutland), small & medium sized People responsible for meeting planning Mogensen & Therkelsen 2007

Gaps between suply and demand: 

Gaps between suply and demand Supply side: Offers modern technical facilities Offers individually targeted meeting concepts Wide-ranging offer of facilities Demand side: Lack of good technical facilities Lack of professional guidance in relation to meeting planning Lack of marketing og unique & pleasurable products Lack of knowledge of meeting offers in N.J. (Mogensen & Therkelsen 2007)

Further readings…: 

Further readings… Davidson R. (1994): Business Travel. London: Pitmann Publishing. WTO (2003): ”MICE Outbound Tourism 2000”, Anne Sofie Mogensen, Anette Therkelsen (2007): Nordjysk Erhvervsturisme 2006. Status over den mødebaserede erhvervsturisme

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