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A Multimedia Presentation on Water: 

A Multimedia Presentation on Water By: Simon Manning Cheryl Moore and Matthew Parsons


Contents Slide 1 Title Page Slide 2 Contents Slide 3 Introducing Water Slide 4 The Water Cycle Slide 5 Another Water Cycle Slide 6 How to Clean Water- A Beginners Guide Slide 7 The End

Introducing Water: 

Introducing Water Water or H2O, is a colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid having a melting point of 0ºC and a boiling point of 100ºC at standard atmospheric pressure.It can become ice (solid) and steam (Gas). Water is the most commonly found substance on earth and is present in many other substances.


The Water Cycle

Another Water Cycle: 

Another Water Cycle

How to Clean Water- a Beginners Guide! : 

How to Clean Water- a Beginners Guide! Step 1 Collect some dirty water from a reservoir. Step 2 Sieve the water to remove bikes etc. Step 3 Filter the water through sand and gravel to remove soil, waste and other things we better not mention. Step 4 Add a Chlorine and Ozone solution to the water to get rid of all the microscopic bugs and things. Step 5 Remove the solution and hey presto…… Pure Water!!

This is the end of the presentation: 

This is the end of the presentation We hope you learnt something Thank you for listening Matthew Cheryl and Simon

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