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Regional Transportation Meetings: 

Regional Transportation Meetings


Hosts West Virginians for Better Transportation West Virginia Association of Counties West Virginia Municipal League


Agenda WVBT Overview of WV’s transportation system Condition, present situation Current funding levels, recent legislative changes State Federal Impact of recent gasoline price volatility, swings


Agenda Report on the WVDOH’s project prioritization State Transportation Improvement Program $20 billion list of projects Discussion about the state’s transportation funding outlook (2008-2012, beyond) Activities in other states Local input, response, views, suggestions

Who We Are: 

Statewide education organization focused on West Virginia’s transportation condition and needs Roads Bridges Highways Who We Are


Coalition Statewide Coalition – 225+ partners WV Association of Counties WV Economic Development Council WV Municipal League WV Chamber of Commerce Constructors’ Labor Council of WV WV Labor Management Trust WV Hospitality and Travel Association


Coalition Statewide Coalition – 225+ partners Home Builders Association of WV WV Association of CVBs WV Manufacturers Association WV Roundtable Local chambers, CVBs, etc. Yeager Airport Numerous individual companies and firms


Making Transportation a Concern, Media Issue Educating State Leaders and the Public Long-term Plan Strategies

Our Objectives: 

Our Objectives Build a coordinated, statewide coalition of interested groups and individuals as part of educating key audiences about the state’s transportation system and its future challenges. Generate media coverage of the state’s transportation system and challenges…gain editorial support.

Our Objectives: 

Our Objectives Foster public awareness of the state transportation system’s ability to meet current and future needs … with a goal of marshalling interest in a statewide plan of action. Galvanize public opinion in appreciation of measures needed to maintain a safe and modern transportation infrastructure that meets the growth trends of West Virginia. Focus education and collaboration efforts on state leaders and legislators.

The Issue: Transportation: 

The Issue: Transportation

Transportation Concerns: 

Transportation Concerns Recent Minnesota bridge disaster highlights concerns, needs

Transportation Facts: 

Transportation Facts Bridges: 37% of West Virginia bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. The average age of West Virginia’s Interstate bridges is 34 years. Older bridges typically need significant repairs at approximately 50 years. Nearly half (46%) of the bridges on the state’s interstate highway system will need significant repairs by the year 2026.

Transportation Facts: 

Roads: 27% of West Virginia’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. West Virginia leads the country in percentage of narrow lanes - 67% of major roads are less than 10 feet wide. Vehicle travel in West Virginia is expected to increase 40 percent by the year 2025 to approximately 28 billion VMT annually. Miles of roads in West Virginia being paved each year has dropped 50% during the past five years. Transportation Facts

Transportation Facts: 

Interstates: Travel on interstate highways is expected to increase by another 67% by the year 2026. The state will need to add additional lanes along 142 miles of its existing 555-mile Interstate system by the year 2026 in order to relieve growing traffic congestion. By 2026, nearly two-thirds (63%) of the state’s Interstate highway system will be in need of significant rehabilitation or reconstruction. Transportation Facts

Transportation Facts: 

Other facts: West Virginia’s highway fatality rate is 50% above the national average; moving opposite national trend West Virginia is 1 of 4 states responsible for all roads, bridges and highways West Virginia has the 6th largest road and highway system in the nation Transportation Facts

Transportation Facts: 

Other facts: West Virginia is 6th in the nation in percentage of bridges that are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete Price hikes for materials, goods escalating Current funding levels are inadequate Transportation Facts

Transportation Needs: 

Transportation Needs WVDOH has stated it needs an additional $350 million per year to keep up with statewide demand for highway construction and maintenance List of 170 transportation projects/needs surpasses $20 billion (in today’s dollars)

WVDOH Planning: 

WVDOH Planning Report on the WVDOH’s project prioritization State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Evolved from the 6-year plan Currently, only 8% of those 170 projects will be funded in the next 24 years

Road Fund – W.Va.: 

Road Fund – W.Va. Current funding total: $1 billion a year State gasoline taxes Automobile privilege tax Driver’s license fee Registration fees Federal highway funds Federal Gasoline Tax

State Funding: 

State Funding Gasoline tax renewal Continuation of 5-cent tax ($55M) Elimination of the Wholesale Freeze 4.5-cent increase (+$63M) Legislative Changes: Elimination of certain Road Fund diversions (+$15.5M) Privilege tax exemption for new residents (-$4.5M) Consumer sales tax exemption on highway construction materials (+$13.5M) Early authorization of supplemental funds

Federal Funding: 

Federal Funding Federal Gasoline Tax – 18.4 cents Sources: Federal Allocation (Highway Reauthorization) ARC Projects Earmarks Transportation bill moving through Congress Includes $1 billion for nationwide bridge repair

Gasoline Prices/Taxes: 

Gasoline Prices/Taxes

Other Facts: 

Other Facts WV ranks 49th in capital investment per state maintained mile - $7,594 compared to a national average of $23,967. An average driver in WV uses 853 gallons of fuel annually. This generates $269 in state fuel taxes. Driving on roads in need of repair costs West Virginia motorists $292 million a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $229 per motorist.


State Road Fund Revenues Projected in millions Gas Tax $405.8 $380 $375 $375 $375 Privilege Tax $168 $166.4 $166.3 $166.2 $166.1 Registration Fees $88.8 $90 $89.9 $93 $90.7 Miscellaneous $17.9 $23.9 $23 $21.1 $19.2 TOTAL $680.5 $660.3 $654.2 $655.3 $651 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Funding Outlook Source: W.Va. Department of Transportation


State Road Fund Expenditures Projected in millions Funding Outlook 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Debt Service $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 Required Set Asides $38.8 $40.5 $39.2 $40 $40.8 Routine Hwy. Maintenance $259.7 $265.4 $275.9 $287 $298.3 Administrative Support $64.8 $61.5 $62.8 $64.2 $65.6 State Matching Funds $99.2 $94.3 $94.3 $94.3 $94.3 TOTAL $512.5 $511.7 $522.2 $535.4 $549 Source: W.Va. Department of Transportation


State Improvement Funds Projected in millions Funding Outlook Road Fund Revenues $680.5 $660.3 $654.2 $655.3 $651 Road Fund Expenditures $512.5 $511.7 $522.2 $535.4 $549 TOTAL $168 $148.6 $132 $119.9 $102 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Source: W.Va. Department of Transportation


Transportation Outlook Recent comments by Secretary Mattox: If West Virginia continues to rely on the existing state and federal funding sources, “nothing new will get built…” “Major new highway and bridge construction will require new revenues.” West Virginia will need to find other sources of revenue in order to meet the staggering list of construction projects that communities want and need.

Other States: 

Other States Virginia Pennsylvania North Carolina Maryland Kentucky

Other Ideas: 

Other Ideas Local funding/taxes Monongalia County Service Fee SB 673 Toll roads Public/private projects Leasing roads/highways GPS road use tax

Ideas, Suggestions: 

Ideas, Suggestions Please provide comments: During today’s meeting On provided comment sheets Via a form on our website, www.keepwvmoving.org

Add Your Support: 

Add Your Support

Add Your Support: 

Add Your Support West Virginians for Better Transportation P.O. Box 11830 Charleston, WV 25339-1830 (304) 345-7623 (345-ROAD) For more information or to sign-up: www.keepwvmoving.org

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