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If you missed our presentation, here's the powerpoint file so you can have an idea of what was discussed there!


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What is a MUN:

What is a MUN Model United Nations; Academic Simulation of International Bodies such as the UN and its organs; Role-play diplomats and delegates from different countries; Awareness of international current issues; D iscuss and refine knowledge over relevant matters;

Brief history of MUNs:

Brief history of MUNs Outcomes of the Great War (World War I); Uneasiness of students in USA over the future of the world; Simulation of the League of Nations in the mid 20’s; Older than the UN; Modern MUNs in the 50’s MUNs in the 21 st century: beyond the UN;

MUNs around the World:

MUNs around the World

Why a MUN at FGV?:

Why a MUN at FGV? Lack of strong international initiations Need to e xpand the boundaries of education Prominence of Brazil and FGV worldwide Emerging new professional profile Lack of talents ’ development to the fullest

Our Role:

Our R ole Go beyond borders Become global professionals and citizens Promote a meaningful social impact Offer a better understanding of human society Improve academic development Make difference through international cooperation

How it Works:

How it Works 3 preparation meetings 3 open lectures Online activities Rules of Parliamentary Procedure Study Guides Position Paper Working papers and resolutions

The Conference:

The Conference June 2nd – 4th 7 sessions Proeminent guests Corporation partnerships Working opportunities


UNFCCC UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Main goal: stabilization of greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere COP – Conference of the Parties: UNFCCC’s supreme body


UNFCCC Conference of the Parties: Annual meetings; Main purpose: ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the Convention’s goals; It’s where new proposals and currently issues are presented and discussed by all parties involved.


UNFCCC As delegates you will simulate the COP-18, representing the UNFCCC's parties Topic: Equitable Access to Sustainable Development Proposed by India during the COP-17 at Durban, South Africa. Divergent concerns of developed and developing countries


UNFCCC Equitable Access to Sustainable Development What will be discussed : How to establish political and institucional measures that enable the development of both developed and developing countries in a sustainable manner and without any prejudice to its growth?


WORLD BANK 1) What is the World Bank? 2) What the World Bank does? 3 ) What is the difference between the World Bank and a comercial bank ?


WORLD BANK 4 ) How are the loans provided ?


LATIN AMERICA Policies for the Social Development in Latin America Topic Overview: While a lot of people benefit from increased flow of goods, information and capital, too many others suffer with huge problems. What is Social Development ? Social Development means transforming institutions to empower people.


LATIN AMERICA What challenges does Social Development try to adress in Latin America? 1 ) Social Inequity : Lack of oppurtunities . 2) Citizenship rights : Exclusion of poor people . 3) Judicial Systems: Fail to assert people’s rights .

World Trade Organization:

World Trade Organization What is it? What does it discuss? The Marrakesh Treaty An agency working in allegiance with the UN A forum to discuss trade disputes between countries A forum to formulate policies and regulate commerce

World Trade Organization:

World Trade Organization “ Energy and Trade of Environmental Goods and Services ” The economic aspects Trade barriers

World Trade Organization:

World Trade Organization Topics Subsidies, government and domestic policies Tariff and non-tariff barriers


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