Qualities Of A Leader by Victor Coss

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Qualities of a Leader:

Qualities of a Leader Victor Coss COLL-148-61663 8/28/2015 Prof. Katharine Studer


Introduction What qualities make up a good leader One of my leaders/mentors What career field I’m entering What qualities I possess that make me a leader

Information Technology:

Information Technology Interest in computers since young age My passion and knowledge made I.T. the correct field for my future Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are well known leaders in this industry that are very successful


Information Technology is my broad field Bachelors Degree in Network and Communications Management Expected Graduation: Q3 2017

Chris Pirillo:

Chris Pirillo Chris Pirillo is a personality in whom tech enthusiasts trust to answer questions and lead discussions . He’s hosted television programs, conferences, and radio shows Started several companies, including LockerGnome (est. 1996) Net Worth of 3 million dollars

Chris’ Impact on I.T. Field:

Chris’ Impact on I.T. Field Helped several entrepreneurs start companies online by giving advice and insight Provided reviews and impressions of various technology Created a social network where users can interact and ask questions about anything technological

Characteristics of a Leader:

Characteristics of a Leader A leader is someone that sets an example for others and stands out in the crowd Intelligent, honest, creative, confident, driven, courageous are some key characteristics

Characteristics of Chris Pirillo:

Characteristics of Chris Pirillo A good communicator Open to change Interested in feedback Initiative

My Leadership Qualities Qualities:

My Leadership Qualities Qualities Respectful Open-Minded Rewarding Interested in feedback Passionate

Results of my qualities:

Results of my qualities Benefit my career Benefit others Dedicated and encouraged about my career Respect goes both ways

What I learned:

What I learned Analyze Evaluate Take apart arguments

My Weaknesses:

My Weaknesses Shy Hard time focusing

Improve upon my weaknesses:

Improve upon my weaknesses Interact more Social media Remove distractions


Conclusion Many skills and qualities that make up a leader Many leaders in different fields Everyone has their weaknesses