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Research Documentation Dewey Decimal Critical Thinking $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500


Documentation Research Dewey Decimal Critical Thinking $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

Documentation $100: 

Documentation $100 Uses in-text citations Author’s name in ( ) Not organized by numbers

Documentation $200: 

Documentation $200 Not giving source of information Stealing someone’s ideas Failure to give credit

Documentation $300: 

Documentation $300 Sources listed alphabetically Last name first Hanging indent format

Documentation $400: 

Documentation $400 Lists references numerically Full bibliographic information on 1st listing Only author’s last name andamp; page # on subsequent listings

Documentation $500: 

Documentation $500 Paraphrasing, quoting, summarizing, bullets

Documentation $100-Answer: 

Documentation $100-Answer What is MLA Style

Documentation $200-Answer: 

Documentation $200-Answer What is plagiarism?

Documentation $300-Answer: 

Documentation $300-Answer What is a bibliography page?

Documentation $400-Answer: 

Documentation $400-Answer What is Turabian or Chicago Manual style?

Documentation $500-Answer: 

Documentation $500-Answer What are different ways of taking notes?

Research $100: 

Research $100 Tree branching Webbing Roman numerals

Research $200: 

Research $200 And, But not, Or

Research $300: 

Research $300 Using synonyms or other related words when looking for sources

Research $400: 

Research $400 Dictionary Encyclopedia Almanac, atlas

Research $500: 

Research $500 Book of synonyms often used by writers

Research Answer $100-Answer: 

Research Answer $100-Answer What are ways to do a preliminary outline?

Research Answer $200-Answer: 

Research Answer $200-Answer What are Boolean Operators?

Research Answer $300-Answer: 

Research Answer $300-Answer What is cross referencing?

Research Answer $400-Answer: 

Research Answer $400-Answer What are General Resources?

Research Answer $500: 

Research Answer $500 What is a thesaurus?

Dewey Decimal$100: 

Dewey Decimal $100 Books on mythology, supernatural and religion (Section #)

Dewey Decimal$200: 

Dewey Decimal $200 Dictionaries, linguistics and languages

Dewey Decimal$300: 

Dewey Decimal $300 Poetry, short stories, anthologies of literature

Dewey Decimal$400: 

Dewey Decimal $400 Biographies, autobiographies and history.

Dewey Decimal$500: 

Dewey Decimal $500 Engineering, technology, machines

Dewey Decimal$100-Answer: 

Dewey Decimal $100-Answer What is in the 200 section?

Dewey Decimal$200-Answer: 

Dewey Decimal $200-Answer What is the 400 section?

Dewey Decimal$300-Answer: 

Dewey Decimal $300-Answer What is the 800 section?

Dewey Decimal$400-Answer: 

Dewey Decimal $400-Answer What is the 900 section?

Dewey Decimal$500-Answer: 

Dewey Decimal $500-Answer What is in the 600 section?

Critical Thinking$100: 

Critical Thinking $100 Understanding something well enough to tell, or write it to another person

Critical Thinking $200: 

Critical Thinking $200 Ability to use information in doing or completing a task

Critical Thinking$300: 

Critical Thinking $300 Ability to weigh evidence, compare, and contrast

Critical Thinking$400: 

Critical Thinking $400 Ability to create a new product using a variety of resources

Critical Thinking$500: 

Critical Thinking $500 Title of the 6 critical thinking steps, named after its originator

Critical Thinking$100-Answer: 

Critical Thinking $100-Answer What is comprehension?

Critical Thinking$200-Answer: 

Critical Thinking $200-Answer What is application?

Critical Thinking$300-Answer: 

Critical Thinking $300-Answer What is analysis?

Critical Thinking$400-Answer: 

Critical Thinking $400-Answer What is synthesis?

Critical Thinking$500-Answer: 

Critical Thinking $500-Answer What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Final Jeopardy: 

Final Jeopardy Memory Framework

Final Jeopardy: 

Final Jeopardy Number and symbol for 5th item

Final Jeopardy-Answer: 

Final Jeopardy-Answer What is five, hive (with bees)?

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