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12/9/2019 How Artificial Intelligence Drive Customer Loyalty - USM 1/10  Articial Intelligence How Artificial Intelligence Drive Customer Loyalty  December 4 2019  usmsys For successful marketing it is necessary to nd out the answers to two signicant questions. The questions include “what are the real requirements of the customers” and “how is your marketing approaches fulll their requirements”

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12/9/2019 How Artificial Intelligence Drive Customer Loyalty - USM 2/10 To get the answers to these questions marketers need to utilize Articial Intelligence AI. AI technology helps to provide outstanding customer experience and satisfaction. This innovative technology helps marketers to retain customers for a long period and build trust in your brand. Nowadays marketers are facing hard challenges in retaining existing customers as well as attracting new customers. Increasing brand among a pool of brands in the market is tough for marketers who use traditional marketing methods. Here digital transformation plays a vital role. Moreover advancements in the developments of emerging technologies like articial intelligence machine learning and predictive analytics may help companies in retaining their brand in the market. AI applications and articial intelligence devices bring personalized marketing experience to customers. They provide customer-centric recommendations and suggestions to customers. AI is the real spirit in this data-driven marketing world. It can build trust optimize customer loyalty. Articial Intelligence can perform automate monotonous repetitive tasks and speed up the current business processes. This helps organizations to get new opportunities that enhance marketing eciency and accelerates the strategy of delivering services at the right time to the target person through the right channel. In this data-driven loyalty marketing enterprises should focus on convincing the customers. This would help both customers and the brand. If you attract more and more customers you can excel in your nancial and operational margins. Moreover competitive oerings always help brands in building strong relationships with their customers. A study states that currently 80 of companies are using AI technologies Machine Learning Deep Learning and 30 are in plans of investing in AI. It is also proved that with the benets delivered by AI in improving customer experience and satisfaction 62 of companies have planned to invest in Articial Intelligence in the next three years. AI Builds a Strong Relationship Between The Brand Customers Any organization is primarily seeking to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. In general brands collect user information when they visit or search through a web portal. Using Articial Intelligence the companies are analyzing the vast datasets and predicting customer behavior easily. This could be done by implementing machine learning and predictive analytics.

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12/9/2019 How Artificial Intelligence Drive Customer Loyalty - USM 3/10 Therefore AI tools and Machine Learning ML models play an essential role in connecting brands with the targeted audience. AI Advances Customer Loyalty Through ML Data Analytics To provide improved personalization brands are using ML and data analytics. These technologies help to derive insights from customer data draw patterns and make predictions as well as decisions. Machine Learning algorithms can process the vast data sets and understand the search behavior of the customers and time they spent on browsing. This helps brands to provide personalized customer experience. The more time an individual spends on browsing and purchasing a specic brand means that the brand is providing increased personalization to its customers. When you meet your customer’s needs and respond quickly to all of their queries your business will surely get success. AI Helps To Make Dynamic Pricing Strategies One of the major diculties for the pricing managers is the daily uctuations of prices. Many e- commerce organizations are utilizing Machine learning for managing the supply and demand of the customers. It provides a better knowledge of pricing to the marketers that customers are willing to pay at any time. Along with this it is also pushing the intended customers above the threshold of purchasing. But to be dynamic with pricing a lot of information is needed such as previous customers’ purchases their browsing activities brands product information range of pricing supply information etc. USM a leading AI service provider is developing customized E- commerce AI-enabled Mobile apps that generates profits to your marketing business. /e-commerce/ Making pricing strategies will also helpful for companies. Based on the demand for a particular product in the market the price has to be decided. This will be actively done by AI. Articial intelligence tools collect and compare the prices of your products with the competitors’ products. Knowing dierent prices for the same product helps companies in deciding the best price for the most sought-after product.

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