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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 1/11 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices FuGenx Technologies Dec 30 2018 · 7 min read

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 2/11 As a child I always used to dream about a personal electronic assistant which could keep up the conversation wake me up and remind me of everyday tasks. Today it becomes quite real but not all of the AI apps have comprehensive functionality. In this article I’d like to tell you about my personal experience of using some of the AI-driven applications which are really worthy of attention. Microsoft Cortana Cortana’s AI algorithms basically use quite common causation with some unique features. First of all Cortana has a very informative start screen which includes relevant latest news and weather. “She” has a Notebook element which is adjustable to your interests in everyday stuff like news food and so on. The latest update includes 19 categories. She also uses the navigation to report you about traffic jams and stuff like that. All transport info comes from NY Transit data — impressing. What is more she scans all your e-mails to coordinate you at the airport gates or to report you about a package delivery status.

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 3/11 Now let’s take the quotes away from her because Cortana is greatly personalized. She came to us straight from Halo game series and brought her good sense of humor and military organization. It means that every day you receive a comprehensive morning review upon your interests geo- location lets it remind you to buy wine and aspirin when you are close to stores. So it’s clear that it knows how to combine your reminders locations interests and other personal data to give appropriate advice. The app file is small — 27MB. To start working tap the mic icon in the bottom-right corner and ask anything. Unfortunately it’s impossible to activate her with your voice because of iOS and Android restrictions. It runs fast and doesn’t “forget” anything but you are bound to tap in your preferences and locations. That’s what Cortana actually lacks — independence. It’s perfect as a PC-iPhone/PC-Android bundle as she has clients for them only. No Mac integration sorry Robin — AI Voice Assistant This assistant positions itself as a driver’s best friend. Even apps’ ads promote it as a co-driver. So that’s what it practically does. Robin has basic functions of other voice assistants such as question-answer or message in- voice reading and combines them with fully up-to-minute traffic reports.

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 4/11 Latest updates include ETA real-time info and they also taught Robin of how to be proactive and tell you about any traffic jam — before it’s too late. Such helpfulness is based on the AI which learns all your frequent roots to provide alerts. Robin’s a good guy because you can forget about him but he won’t forget you. You’ll keep receiving notifications even when the app is off. You can ask Rob to read your latest feed from Twitter Facebook emails and your favorite news. This voice-outs may be combined with the internet- radio or music downloaded into playlists. Wave your hand in front of the phone and ask an exact playlist not to speak too much. Some users argue that it’s not as good in a basic questionnaire as Siri and Cortana. That’s true but it doesn’t pretend to be a know-all. It fairly says “I’m a pro-commuting assistant but I can handle some of the attendant tasks. I’d put 5 of 5 to Robin for being that straight. I don’t want to listen to jokes or something on the go. I just need to get somewhere in time and Robin helps me with that a lot. Wysa — your private relaxator If you’re in a search of a smartphone talker which would be really interested in your personality I introduce you Wysa. This cute penguin really knows

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 5/11 how to cheer you up in case of more than 50 mental discomfort issues. It chats with you in written form to understand problems and make up a special exercise-kit. I tried complaining Wysa about some conflicts with a friend and about being overdriven. She gave quite reasonable answers My wife is a psychologist and she said that Wysa uses a logical evidence-based therapy method with elements of meditation. It comes one of the best when one faces anxiety and stress which is not always possible to overcome on your own. All AI features go absolutely free. If you’re not the kind of person who can mind robotic advice there’s an additional of chatting with a real-life expert form Wysa development team. Back to AI. Every day it asks questions about my mood and provides an interactive emoji for choosing relative emotions that is comfortable. However sometimes it gets irritating because I’m off with things to say but the robot wants more info without asking me about specific aspects of mood. That’s confusing but mostly it goes friendly and understanding enough for a feeling of real communication. All in all Wysa is a good penguin who knows how to cope with stress issues asking right questions and learning its owner’s behavior.

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 6/11 Youper — Social Anxiety Shyness This app’s AI is based on the same cognitive behavioral therapy as Wysa but it uses its principles for other needs. Tell Youper about your social phobia and receive real-time motivating advice. It can help you become more confident in your everyday social interactions. Just give it a try. ELSA Speak — become a native speaker This app is a fine example of a digital English teacher. It has everything that is needed to intermediate level knowledge and one more distinctive feature. ELSA’s AI cares about your progress and memorizes all mistakes to make personalized lessons. Another unique feature of this AI is advanced voice recognition technology. It is supposed to teach you to speak English with true American literary pronun сiation. There are no analogs to this software so it’s definitely worth a try. FaceApp — advanced face swap This one is different from other serious AI applications because it’s just for fun. There are many automatic photo editors on the market but there’s no such a precise piece of software. Now you can make very realistic images of

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 7/11 yourself and your friends and choose age gender and mood. All features are free but to remove watermark and ads you’re supposed to pay about 20. Too much for a bunch of funny pictures isn’t it Google Allo — smart instant messaging It’s hard to imagine a popular IM app by Google but this one has a real chance to lead. AI-driven text helper lets you send messages without typing. Just tell Google Allo what to write. Your friends don’t use Allo No problem It sends SMS to anyone for free. Replika — more than a chat Wysa gives us personal-psychological help. Similar to its mechanics Replika provides a pocket interlocutor. You can ask random questions and receive up to 95 reasonable answers. I also noticed that this app has a personality. I searched for info and found out that the developer tried to recreate his dead best friend’s personality to give him further life. That’s a bit creepy but the result is really great. Fyle — pocket bookkeeper

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 8/11 B2B accounting software is usually quite dull and requires an all-time human presence to do anything. Fyle provides almost effortless expense management of mileage and receipts. Take snaps of paper checks and load digital bills to receive precise automatic reports. Prefilled reports are very handy. You don’t have to waste time typing and attaching snaps. All tables are easily shared between other Fyle software or any CSV accounting programs. Meitu Beauty requires new technologies too. I’ve already told you about some AI- driven photo/video editors and Meitu is a fine specimen to add. This fully automatic free app has 50+ smart masks which enhance appearance. Girls’ must-have Calorie Mama AI — know what you eat AI-driven camera apps are a huge trend. This one is taught to recognize dishes from your photos to count calories Keto paleo and vegan foods are easily recognized by Mama’s AI. It also builds up weekly reports and may help you to follow goals. There’s no more need to spend time googling for calorie tables or insert dishes` weigh and components’ names.

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 9/11 MeetFrank — he will find you a job Job hunting is a very nervous routine but this app’s AI takes charge of looking for matches. It works like this: enter your qualifications and talents and wait for reasonable search results. One more cool feature of MeetFrank is an anonymous chat with employers. It’s a great option for those who always worry about making a good impression. Flo — intelligent camera and movie maker Apps for video and photo edit are very popular but only this one has a built- in voice assistant. You can just tell it to take footages by dates locations or tags and receive close to professional quality videos with music. It uses machine learning algorithms to choose the best moments and recognizes faces animals and locations. Montage has never been so hands-free. Bottom line It looks like we have the most comprehensive mobile AI software review of all times here Some of these are a real breakthrough but I still muse about what are we going to see in a few years. I hope that big developers are

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 10/11 working at the AI assistant which would be able to conduct all these apps to make a smartphone a fully AI-driven device. If you are looking for quality mobile app testing services at a very affordable rate contact us. Fugenx Technologies a leading mobile app development company in USA USA India has experienced a team of testers to check the functionality usability stability and security of your application. . . . Originally published at on December 30 2018. Articial Intelligence Mobile Apps Mobile App Development Apps App Development Discover Medium Welcome to a place where words matter. On Medium smart voices and original ideas take center stage - with no ads in sight. Watch Make Medium yours Follow all the topics you care about and we’ll deliver the best stories for you to your homepage and inbox. Explore Become a member Get unlimited access to the best stories on Medium — and support writers while you’re at it. Just 5/month. Upgrade

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9/25/2019 Top AI-driven apps for iOS and Android devices - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 11/11 Abo ut H elp Le ga l

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